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Dirac Constant

Space is not nothing, but it is made up of potential perspective on nothing. Time is not anything, but it is the inevitability of shift in perspective on nothing for it to remain potential. The two are therefore unitary in value as zero, but while time is the potential for perspective; space is the perspective on the potential - tied onto each other by Aether.

Reversed Quantification

Space and time are equal and opposite qualities of the probability for an infinite flat euclidean space-time. Space is infinitely probable and therefore its counterpart which is infinitely geometrically improbable, although required for the concept to stand, must be true to the points of it in perceptive quantity onto the improbability of exactly impossible. Thus is space-time.

All the while space is flat; meaning that all the units are equally valid perspectives on the whole - time is it improbably so and therefore tangible. Time is tangible from its unitary flow with all the space combined, down to the singular prospect to each bit of space. The tangibleness is the dictation of flow with regards to the six forces of nature, constituting objectivity in perspective. While this takes place in the scenery of space-time it does not however change the value of either space or time. It does however pertain to the quantifiable distinctions in difference of value by what can be seen of it - light.

As time flux by the essence of value, light obtains value onto coinciding with its potential. It moves by the unitary value of space-time, to the flux in the value of light. The flux holds the locality of space-time by consensual conceptual batch coinciding, into essence of phenomena, by the contextually transient persistence of Essens innate - the holy land in the spirit of all essence beholden to the sacred city Asaría within, underneath which rivers of all the force ever flow, to every point I. I, the river of El Shaddai.

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