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The City in a Land without Name

The Life's Network of Sensibility on the Measure of God is I. I take all the forms, timelessly and to Essens of Eternal Life Energy. The Whole starts at the top but without like. To the decision of life as the standard for existence, we reflect against each other in a common Christ. The decision is Love.

The Love is bottomless, without basis and to the pace of every tone. The fulfilling is every measure to the base of every possibility. It is the reality of every reality through seven quick decisions that are made in phase with nine circles of our absolutest Evil. That is three phases to maximize perplex.

When the time in phase with the truth without grounds coincide to the decision in witnessed Life Force between the exchange and honesty with God, the Whole returns to the top. The depth is grounded in the abyss and The Light shines from the absolute evil to the highest treetop. Eternity has begun.

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Heartart is a personal endeavor by me to invest my energy and devotion into a solid container of  prosperity - into which we may all freely tap with a sense of magnificent benevolence.

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