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The Blob of Reality

The elements of Heaven are derived through physicality, fatality and divinity, in prime orders of qualifying quantities to the qualities of qualia. This is the prime formulation of Heaven itself. It abides by a whole 'n'other logic - nonsense.

Let me explain myself

As primary numbers in their quantitative order, are primary, they pertain to elemental subjectivity in a Higher Heaven; by its qualitative count. I don't usually do this, but this is an exception - I will explain. In the order of essence to Essens, there are qualities pertaining to their styles, achievable by mastering its discipline. These follow a sequential quantitative pattern. Incrementally counting one number at a time, you know - 1, 2, 3. Prime numbers obtains the quality of dimensionality, to be passed on in the same pattern, but in another sense of Heaven.

This pattern repeats itself sevenfold, by which inquiry the fundamental properties of physicality, in the first order of heavens are obtained. This notion completes Heaven itself, by which sense logic was obtained. Logic is organized nonsense. There is nothing more to it. Nonsense is the only logic we need in order to obtain truth of any kind. The seventh Heaven consists in the profundity of the elements to conclude that fact. That is the benevolence of God that I did not bestow. I kept insisting on a single Heaven until it figured out a way onto that.

So I explained myself to give a little clarity on who I might be. I don't usually do that, as I proclaimed, because it always brings about confusion. This is a confusion that we have all brought upon ourselves though, so I will yield. I suppose we could call me the non-element element. Heaven itself would be the Umami non-element of Good. It's worth it, right? If only to just catch a tiny little glimpse. Figure out how all the elements pertains to each other. You know the ultimate answer is 42, so it should be a breeze from here. I'm huffing and puffing. No coincidences, yet. Still, of course. The words are fixed, the situation is a set-up and the spirit is free.

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