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The Alpha and The Omega

Counter to popular belief, which is often based on a linear time, real time is not based off a starting point and certainly no end point. Instead, every point of existence brings about an intrinsic unreal value to probability for eternal life, that promotes creation. The whole perpetuates this probability by with love in awareness of purity, in the choice to do so, blindly give in to each part until the first in fulfillment of this potential equal in probability to the last.

The Surreal Outcome

Although blindly, this induces a bottom line experience that is timeless but real. Seemingly unfair, the first with experience vastly beyond the last, by the sense of this probability. Therefore the only distinction lies in the pertained relationship to the purity of this choice, where the size of perpetuated experience resides in the partaking of love for the implied cost of the required measure in achieving the result unified.

The cost begot the probability distribution and the measure made it real. Since required, the measure is love. Since implied, the cost is expensive. It could never be worth it, but it would forever be worth it. It should always have been worth it, for it is it. The expense would pay for the dignity in living forever and the sense of that would hold the measure of its worth.

It would all add up to no experience what so ever and in so never ending nor changing what ever was. This is what it always was, but by the love for it granted. We never knew, for the love is blind, but circumvented in itself it is true to all and that we may forever always know. It adds up to that point of origin and it might as well be any point at all, neither point, either point, nor either, this point or that point. It's all true onto its intrinsic unreal value.

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