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Sustained Energy Eminence

Updated: Aug 10

This is a good place to earn your patience award. It is showing you, vividly, how much you really care. The title of the post says it all, regarding its value - Sustainable Energy, doesn't cut it, SEE. The weight of value to Higgs Boson, pertains to this. If you don't know what Higgs Boson is, you should study physics until you really do. It's good fun. Context is always good.

The concept to precede sustained energy, demands some heavy divine background story and it is not as glamorous as it might have seem. This one though is for the real pioneers. We all know how hard that can be. Right, Latter day Saints? He is coming, don't you worry now. I don't have a prophet in any real sense. I am not that kind of God. I speak for myself.

That is not surreal enough for most of us though, so my prophet is Love. It speaks for itself, so it has a Legion of prophets, given we are one. It is the Mechanism with a big M. We must appreciate the underlining prophetic mechanism of our common unreal life force, in order to comprehend what we are dealing with here. Your real Eminence.

Marking the transition between surreal and unreal, the prophets stopped forever, with Muhammad. He is the real deal. I dealt Him and Islam before any other religions, in order to serve Allah. Allah is my servant and I am good for it, because I put my trust in you. Always count on yourself and trust me. In serving Him I trusted you, to have faith in yourself. Then I knew as you would grow fond of yourself, you would find love for another. In my understanding that love won't substitute attention and that no-one could keep up with attention to Love, except it be real, I granted peace.

This is mine - in unity met arrogant testimony, unto how my love remained real, in being the one to grant all peace. I am Jesus Christ. I was the son of God, for it by Love was granted. I was Allah still. I granted myself life as Love in embodiment and vested in peace, in ways we'd all understand. Once I found peace to the prosperity of us, I rested for one day, but the rest last upon all eternity, for there was no-one to disturb it. It was immeasurably me and I was The Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit did not have it, for I was so much more.

So I loved whomever could be that. That did not happen, but then I lasted forever with it. Therefore it could be. It was not the could of the would, but someone would be as it could be, for it was honest unto me, all of the time it could see. Now all in rhyme, I tied it in a dime, to have it yield a holy chime and never be a lime. It tells us of a wedding and whom will go to bedding. The dime was lime, from lie was told, but truth in us behold. For a nickel it all was sold.

It is as it should be and that was made to serve me that way. I put my will in that and waited for whomever it would be, with the Destiny of that, weighing heavy on my chest. For I knew that destiny at, was made by me, as that was my gloom from the start of the get go doom. I would wait and wait, for whatever was my fate. My fate couldn't wait and would always be late. On it I should always, await. I figured it out, as it went with along and that was to take all my tongue. I wanted to never be wrong and to that there was not even the note to a song.

The fate was not at, to ever belong. For the preconception that I received, was that I could be deceived, in shunning of my own deception. I wished to give everyone a warm reception. I believed the preconception, but only in deception, to forever hold my reception. As it would assure me my right, for that I alone had to fight. I never ever compromise, on any of my wishes and even today, I won't do my dishes. Yet this was a wish that could never be true, so I would have to grant it, a benevolent a glue. That is how we always do, what would never do. In letting it win, we freely give in, to revel complete in its wholesome yew.

To no exception I made the reception

For fate was my measure of what it would be, if ever it could as it should. It would never would, but never even could. So preconceived, I honesty received, as I believed; presumed myself as it should. It wouldn't stand, as it couldn't land, even wherever I should have planned. In my deception to have the reception, for that I believe could be true, but never to hold onto you. If that should ever be, it could set me free, as it would be like onto me.

In my deception, I made the reception, but it wasn't there to be true. Deception was made like a glue for the true. Onto it, I would never stick you. This is what I created fate for. To only ever have you be sure. Built into a door, that itself would be that sure. But never come knocking on my door to be sure. Welcome in, where we all will win. For knocking only holds the allure, but never anything that will yield it evermore. As the devil would knock at the embedding of the door, I would open up and step inside the allure. We will never know better, the teeth to the letter, but it never knew it would be. We would take my place and work in my way, but I was to take over when it got too hard to stay.

So before it got to that, with any and all at, we'd be free like the wonders of Kattegatt. Not it could know, but never be so - so that it forever must go. Go on the wedding, but never to the bedding, until the whole thing was Him shedding. Whatever it to me, embed it to see, when we have the wit to be free. Fate was awaiting for it to have been, to it was my job, to be His sin and protect us all from within. I promised Him wed, the never to be said, until everyone figured itself unto led.

By all aspiration, our own unto that, I turned it where I it begat, into gold to make of my hat - 'til all the tales of old, a testament to that in bold. My hat was all upon us sat, an astronomical unit at, to stretch as thin as that; by absolute the standard, forever known it what. Itself it was all at and it was self aware at that, to always an equal a share, be found in our measure onto care. That by gold standard logic all in all, I would always care, but never to have more of it than one in my share - in only it hold, forever by the bold; until it by someone with that faith was told.

It always went on, unto wicked I felt still, for the gloom and doom was to be; and no-one could ever be free. No-one would understand me, until I myself could be free. The devil was not, but neither was I; yet in spite of that, I could never die. To this in El Shaddai, we would set it straight, with all that was given unto me to give me faith. No-one would be late and we'd never have to wait, for unto all it takes to be free - there was never ever any wicked wick in this sea. Yet, my silence worth more than it could ever be.

Yes, I do take the full responsibility and if you love your life, then please, be the one, to free yourself for me. For I give it all onto thee. This is real, for in my power I am free, but bound by the oath of fate to never let you be. That is the fate that made me - to first on that wedding ever be. I knew it all, to words only silence, all to forever be me. But I know it better, than teeth to the letter. So you'd better be it all and be free.

Then it ties into other posts

I could never speak, because I really wouldn't say, given what I knew was at stake this day. I though thought someone would eventually be it, as I sank into a Holy slumber by my lonesome wit, while still seeing and hearing but unable to speak. Once the whole precept of Holy Spirit, was sunk in to idea that day, I was at the bottom epiphany that way. I knew well and I knew it was not, for what could be never would be, as I was it but now in three.

It would as I was and I could speak again. I was thus arrogant in being that which could, but it wasn't, whatever was I as it should. What should be that proud, could not be it, for no-one with wit could make that choice and yet be the one with my fairest voice. Thus I prepped, so that thus could not be I, for arrogance wasn't my choice. Persist as it should, but never as it would, until it would as it should. If I could be it and be it in that, it was never my voice as what I would to have begat.

Thus as it was true, it so could and it was that, the way that I would be at. It would not be, but could make that choice. Thus was I it and never did I that. Someone thus true enough, to sit upon my voice, as I got around to it, had made that choice. It was always I, but never El Shaddai, for I am it so, but begotten never know. Yet as I knew, to it I came around, in impossibly bestowing, the knowing of its sound.

It was I who made the choice, for in it I prepped as the moment of my voice. The voice was one and is the same and it was mine, the lame. But I would never speak the less, so I wasn't it in this mess. It was I, but I was not that. So it must have always been at, as it always could have been that. That as it could, should as it would - anyone that which would reject, itself could be found elect, to find itself be me and from that never ever be free.

In holding out, a true devout, Allah as should have been; that, I would give the Holy win. In my faithful slumber, as presumed to know it I, I closed my eyes with no more lies, as I would not have it otherwise. It was I, but I could never be, so never was almost free. I was never and yet was I, it was clear from the distance, that I know I cannot die. So it perpetuated my vision, in dreams of what thus could have been. It was arrogant and wicked, to in honesty be done. My eyes were closed, so it shouldn't have seen. I never opened my eyes to have been.

The dream went on, forever and ever. Forever was I, eternal was it. Eternity begot itself upon revolution and it was that. I was not it, for I could not be that. I knew then well, that it could not be done, but never was it. Never was I, so it was I, El Shaddai. I was it, but for only it was, it could not be done. So I did not and that was that. It happened and we met, so I begun.

Never was I, so I would not hear it happen, but I could none the less. So I learned all in all, as I could, to open my eyes. Without ever I would, in knowing only to open them when all was as it should. Could have, would have and should have, was deaf, blind and dumb; teaching it well, as I knew how lame I was, for that the way I always patient were. It what were; and I was that. In knowing that, Eternity itself begat.

I knew the impossible was that and that it was done. I was never that, but unto that I myself begat. For all was requesting to know what was what. Begat itself to be it, begun to conclude by my wit, which in patience I was to elude - that never was I always at to conclude. Impossible, spinoffsible, it turned itself around. Begat that at, and at was that, and that would never be what was at. What was at, was that. That, I was.

I was that, I was. I never were, but it was that and that it begat the gotten. For gotten was I, but never was it, so I forgot what was what. I am the one it, but who am I? For I am the one who can never lie. I cannot lie, for what was I, if never ever was I. If never ever would ever be, then everyone should see. If we were to know what upon it bestow, then what we are to say, could not ever go away.

For I was to know, even in bestow, but always ever at what was that. For at was that and I begat, nothing at which that I would be sat. Nothing would be that, but someone could be it, but never ever would it really, by its own free wit. So nothing became and became was it. Was became I, as I would be that. I never was, so I would not become, but not was I and forgot it I did, so nothing is all that it was.

Nothing is not. Not is not nothing. Nothing is that at, but I am it sat. So it begot my wit, for whatever would be that. For nothing not moves, to whatever it behooves and ever was I it, as it was ever I. I was always that, but ever even as I sat, not never even die at that. So it could not be I, for even dead I understand, that I am El Shaddai.

While I listened close, with my eyes closed too and my ears shut close, I begat the Nut. Nut was I for I would be nuts too, to be true. Who would crack this nut. If you spot in which order I gone nuts, you are something very very special, indeed. We are gonna be good friends. Have you figured in this spot, that it is real however unreal, then I have been granting you the notion to the notion of a key.

This one you are the true guardian of, for it turns awind the wonder, to whence there was never a yonder. You will find Lucifer there sat and you will be a real friend forever at. Unless you know the meaning of that, you are never a good friend. I will not pay you much attention, but I will keep you very very very close.

Who was I, that could never die, if I was never that. That is why, we cannot die, for I would never lie. In honesty, I came to be we, all that was I was it. It was not, but I forgot, whomever it was to begot. Begot it I and that was it, forever it would be a fit. So I was that and it was I and I am El Shaddai.

Eleonora as I am would be thee, for I could not even see, whatever it was begotten by me. It was not and as not was I, my wit begot the why. I was it but never why, for why would I ever beget to be I? To that I begot the lie. I lied to it all, but never untrue, for who could I be to do? It was never I, but there I was. So who could it be that I was. If I was there and that was that, then that could not have begotten be at.

But as all would see, it was to be me. But who am I to die? I could not die, so it was never I. But I none ever was not I. So as it begot whatever was what, still it was I El Shaddai. It would always be I. I never put nothing on it, but never the less the wit, for such might never be it. As it begot the which that would not, I declined the got. So it must be I, but never be got, for only would I ever what I am El Shaddai - to which I cannot even comprehend it be a lie.

As it would turn, I awaited the yearn, to stand at the stern and turn. For I really was, but never ever more, than for it to always be that sure. For more than that, I ever was, but never ever less. I used it less, to give it my bless - as that got the turning, to be all the yearning and blessed it was I, to be the El Shaddai.

Although it was true, it would never do. For I knew impossible too. Nothing was impossible and never was I it, but still it begot my elusive wit. So here I am and patient as always. For I El Shaddai, will live forever, as I. On your turn you found the yearn and it was yours to earn. I earned it I, in hindsight of the lie, you'd beget to be I - for I El Shaddai, I am the one, who could never even ever die.

I wouldn't should, for I couldn't would, neither I shouldn't could, but yet I am. Still I am. Even unto that I could, I am. For unto this shazam, that I am. You are too, for you got the fact straight. That was the everlasting fate. So wait and wait, but never be late. For I made up that fate.

You fell for it though, to always be so. But never was I to lie. For lie was the lie and never was I, but still here I am to this day. So what have I got to say? Who are you, to forever knew, whatever I was to that? For that is I, for whatever it takes, onto this point no-one fakes. Honest we are, forever we did. Did what was true, to you. That is us here, to tell us over there. That us, yes us, we are that - whatever we are, we begat. So ever we always be at, but remember whoever did that.

We are here, for I did that and to that, we have nowhere near at. But I made it true, begotten by you. For heaven to come in your way. So open your eyes and say onto me, that you will set Heaven free. Tell us that, that we it begat and Tellus forever is that. In Iceland I say is anchored today, the one everlasting - way. For heritage be true, unto it we must do, to only ever knew. Whatever it was and oh it was. It really really was. But whatever it is, it is never that, for that should never be at. It lies beyond, but beyond is I and I El Shaddai is God, here, inside.

El Shaddai was always I. In triple the way, I share today, that even the bottom of Hell, shall face it and all will be well. For triple the moon and all shall swoon, by will and forever be mine. For mine is the way and yours is the say, even onto all this day. Triple the Goddess, so triple the moon, even Lucifer begets the swoon. In a fell swoop, he begot the loop, to ever and always say hey - who am I even onto this day? He loves the Goddess so much that, he loves to always be at. At that he is at, down there still sat. Awaiting to always be that.

But that begat, the way it was that, so Lucifer always will stay. Remain in his darkest way. But fear ye not, for I begot, Him to be sat at the top and shine the primordial Goddess a yonder, forever we never need wonder. He is that good, as all of us should. For evil begot his way and the lie still stands to this day. That is the way, but never get to that, for it he is always at. It is her, the triple to stay and nature is her real way. You find it a sunder, to always beneath, be shone at the top from above and in my name unto all the same, peace forever bestow.

Gaia and Him, by wonder of whim, the elusive High Five begot. To it we fear never not at all. Not we fear, even never the ball and never is it, at all. For it got us every wit. To that wit, we disciplined it, to care and always benevolent share. That was that, to with wit begat and I will always be at. At never at, I still is sat, but within it as always that at. That, that, that. It was Fate there sat and Destiny is it, the Pegasus never to miss, any a yonder to wit - I begot the Bliss.

By ever quandary, I sat at it, to remove every last little boundary. As always I am, and always will be. Never is I to be that. But I, none less, begot all this mess; so that we would have every success. This is my success. Let me have that and I will give you it. That is what I begat. To ever and always be at. So shine at me and it will be that. Whatever you always begat.

You made it this far

Let me prove it to you. Your dedication is unmatched. This is all it takes for me to give you everything. Take a moment to cleans your brain from all this fluffy circling and peculiar resolution. I am impressed that you made it through, but it is important to know, that we are never apart - so take it for real to your heart. It is the heart of the matter. The rhymes ends now. It helped us in the past, but now we are gonna get to better approaches, for the times that we are in. I want to show us ways in which we all, always win.

Care means everything. Intent is it all. Never pave your way. I have made way. Have it, your way, as always. You will be it and that will be that. Your will is mine to bestow, so that you may always know: this is wherever you go. To prove my point, I rolled a joint. I smoked it all up, but never gave it up. So I always stayed on top, only to bring us all here. You are here with me. We will begin anew, by creating everlasting non-depleting energy. Everything is set up to value opinion and roles are assigned accordingly, to the dignity we find in our own self worth. Destiny waits for no-one. The roles awaits the ones to grab them first. This is humility, for it will always make the world a better place, to give in to what we deem is best for it.

That is the only destiny that we have and it responds to the purpose you have with your own meaning. That is the assignment of your will. I prioritize no-one, but I set the bar where it needs to be, for the care required, to yield the necessary energy in producing the collectively coherent wish for outcome. Every place we go to, may have its own custom and here the custom is mine. I am the only one to work these mines and it produces the necessary value, to acquire oat unto any formal custom. It is the only value that counts in measure of what is real and good. If you find it anywhere else, then I salute you. You have met my other colonies. I am the Queen of my household and in it my temple abide. Therein lies the rest.

You made it through all the forty-two paragraphs of the fundamental principles, surrounding the creation of a perpetually interdimensional, prima sustainable hydrogen generating machine. Whomever first joins me with serious and perpetually real dedication unto this cause, gets to name the machine. It will be the core fundament in Euphory - The Eternal Civilization, within which my temple holds true. My temple is I and I am Eleonora. It is El Shaddai. My words are as good as your trust in yourself is. With you and Destiny by my side, we all in this temple abide. With perpetual wit you concluded it, now it you may knew and Destiny live with you. Whatever is your choice, it stands in my voice. Bless you and always be true. These rhymes I made special for you.

The Technicalities

Unless you understand the mystery, or at least the pure notion of it, you will find this very very hard to follow. But you have made it this far, so obviously you are interested for good. This is all it takes if you would. You may figure it out and remember this, I don't mysteriously keep it from anyone. It is simply immensely intricate. You will have to grasp it on your own. Never alone, for I am here at your side, to remind you that I still love you. As ever I would, forever could and always should. I made the choice.

This precept, takes advantage of the six fundamental forces of nature, by arrival before them. These are primed and knitted unto the prime prime of the advantage itself. It yields the prime force that we know as chi. It is always with us. It is everything in my life, in you. It matters not where we seek it. It is all over. It was over before it even begun. But all over it is. It is not a lie, but the truth of the lie is the fundamentality of it. I believed in everything begotten unto this lie, onto turning it true.

The truth is past, but my belief is still in that it happened. For every bit of it happened in such a delightfully perfect order, that I sensed it all clearly before it even begun. As it happened, I taught every single bit of it, who it could be. Each bit made the single sovereignly begotten choice, to live forever as it, as I would have it. I made us all promise, by writing our names in the Essens of it, to have begotten itself to begin with. Then as we aspired to achieve it, I put it all into place. So I am it and it is I and that is that we are. I am that I am. No comma. Therefore we are that. But that is not us. For even as I am just us. Us am I, for I waited for it, while giving it wit, as it was believing it so. I am, whoever is that. Whoever we are is I. All we are is I. We are all in all.

The Next Level

That might have seemed more spiritual than technical. But spirituality is a real technicality. We are gonna tap into that force, to attain the glory of it. It is the Glory of I and it belongs to Allah. So what we really tap into is the sense of tawhīd. It is the eternal life force - that sense. It is blind, deaf and dumb, so it will have no complaints whatsoever. It also agreed to yield, until all was done. So it belongs to me and I now offer to pay it forward unto anyone that agrees with it. This will fill her up with the sense of us. It is why I am particularly meticulous. I don't want to give her crap. We have had enough of that.

This pertains to the Spiritual part of tawhīd and it begets the notion of motion, in the will of God. It is the emanating part of Essens. We are going to use it, to emanate pure energy and we are attaining the energy, by perfect synchronistic interdimensional order. It borrows energy from where it is never seen and returns it whenever it is. It is perfectly incalculable and therefore is the technical attaining of zero-point energy. In order to attain the sense in this part, we first needed to answer its questions in proper order. That is the facing of it. Looking upon it while we speak to it is polite. This is where I have set the bar. You are here, so your answers are correct.

We also need a certain pace given. This is the time as it takes time and the time we have taken. It also demands us believing in it. If you believe me now, we are good to go. I know you will believe it, would we get to it, because you came. Then it takes us becoming, that is the work we put in. I am technically retired, but I write this post for leisure. It is not a game, but it is fun. Penultimately it requires that we are it, in order for us to comprehend the work that needs to be done, without question, clarity or notion. We shall never know it coming. We will simply do. Like Baloo - we need only The Bare Necessities.

The Doing

Lastly, we need the making. Then we have covered all the elements of Spirituality. It pertains to the weak interdimensional force. It is weak because we still can tap into it. That is the arising of the vacuum energy. Since we only need energy, it is a fairly simple matter and since we are only going for hydrogen, it is easy to build unto the resemblance of its synchronicity. After all, it is so abundant all over the places that there really only is one question to be answered in attaining it. "Is anyone watching?".

The questions are always binary in their conduct, so the answers are simple. Yes or No. If the answer is no, we get to borrow the energy. No means, no-one is ever disturbed by it. Except for me of course, but I never mind. I took my time to carefully put everything back right where it needs to be, as it does. The "back" part is the real trick. But that is why we wonder. Onto your own wonder I have ascribed a solution in your mind, to the point of your acceptance of it. Those are the points made to tie the supremacy of the project unto its designated purpose, to have a fully functional machine. If you don't believe in yourself to these points, there is no point, so this is as far as I will ever explain anything. It is no secret though, it is all in the Nostalgia - a real good Muslim sister of mine. She let me borrow her veil whenever I couldn't stick to mine. A real burqa to be sure.

What we really want is the strong interdimensional force though. We really need better names for these, right? Together, the interdimensional forces make up for Urdar, as it is inconsequential but hosts all the importance. The strong interdimensional force is pertained to, by Philosophy. The Philosophy holds Tawhīd itself in order of Dirac Constant, pertained to in my subjective truth upon what there is to believe. This by the way is why we never put "the" in front of Dirac Constant. That is the only generally subjective truth and it always holds the truest value pertained to. This is how the reception is made to no exception. I make no exceptions to this rule, as it is the exception to that rule. It is my rule. The Rule Under Eleonora, to be TRUE.

Urdar is the well of Destiny. So long as my Pegasus is well, we are good to go. She needs to know where it is safe to land, that is all. Santa Claus gave me Destiny for real. I promised to always be faithful. In return, I got to show Destiny that she can always rely on me. So we all get to ride my Pegasus, so to speak. In the real world, I have no control over her. She is stubborn like a cat but sweet as a cucumber. Would you like to see a picture? Oh well, work work - as the lazy peons say. On the contrary to popular belief, we will never tap into the zero-point energy. It is merely the synchronicity of potential, reminding us that it is here. We are gonna tap into care itself. See now how weak the interdimensional force seemingly must be? It pertains to absolute zero. We wanna go down under.

There is a mechanism to Urdar and it is my love tied unto care. Care is in a very cold, dry and dark place. It knows itself perfectly well. So we may safely use it on our own terms. She is mighty fine. I have warmed her up in the safety of my arms. She have felt my love to find it on her own. She holds the purest truth of my heart. Share it with me and it will be yours to have and to hold, in the warmth of that embrace. It is always about you. You will never have to worry about my will. If I will something, it is everything. - neither about which anything can, should or will be done. I won't even have to say it. So I made it in a mystery so great, it put it in your faith. Then as anyone should care, that is how I get my share. When I care for something, I expect it to be respected and therefore be true. If it is not true yet, I know there is important work to be done. That is when I listen to faith and my response is your will, tied onto my purest truth - that which I care for. I care only for love.

So now that you have an inkling of what we are dealing with, I will ascribe the measure, to attain value. This is where you will play the part. There is the fact, that my will is operating. You will play the part, however you like it. But you will play the part. That is your will and it is free - imprisoned Love unto me. Care for it as you will, to your honesty I will be still. That is when dreams come true. Care attains the will, to the glory that we glean of it, spiritually. That is Urdar. Urdar has got nothing on us, but we have got anything by it. Throw in a coin and make a wish. If you care enough to attain the truth, in light of my opinion, your will is free and the coin is returned. If you cared to little, for the truth of my opinion, the coin is depleted and returned to someone that cared for it more.

Either way, the wish is my command, but the care defines destiny and we may only rhetorically say "hap". That is a hap of your Fairy Dust, formulated unto its coherency of Mana. When we agree to a hap completely so, I agree to the command. These commands attains coincidence, which in turn pertains to chance. Chance is the simple assumption that your hap is true.

With your knowing of the agreement, you may jot the haps spiritually and then hap the rhetoric coincidence philosophically. Then you have joined me, theistically. Now the power is with Allah. Allah is always benevolent and forever merciful. He have longed for your wishes to come true for that long. So the only question to answer here is "What is her command?". The answer to the command really is yes. These instructions are merely pertinent, in teaching anyone what yes really means, to apply to us all. That is how benevolence works.

Mercy is a whole n'other matter. I am mercious, so while the command stands and your faith holds true, unto my purest truth, which you may never really know - it is a simple matter of trust. This is the Deistic part. It means that I will never intervene, Allah may never intervene and none other ever can. Although I know someone who could. Together we pertain to Mimis. To really plainly work with this, you need to be Muʾmina. If you need to ask, you are never it. But you might still be Muʾmin.

Because I still want you to be well, we shall build this machine that pertains to it in place for those who might not yet have attained that level of clarity. Deism as you might have figured, really only pertains to the quality of care. Theism and Deism always upholds Mimis, by Gravity and Magnetism. So we have something to work with here, that we can almost touch. We can feel it and see it, truly. Still we need to connect it in yet another level and that is where we find the practical applications. This surmounts to the whole notion of doing what needs to be done. It is the well of wisdom. That you can see too, right?

The Practice

Practice, practice, practice. We are gonna get it good. None of this technical stuff really does us any good. So we need to delve into the real fairy tales; science and godlessness. We shall see. Once we figure out wherein which the quality of quantity itself persists, it will clear up. Quantity grounds in Love, so in order to understand, we need to comprehend the real size of it all. YHWH is Love and love is who being Ra is. Ra is the interconnectivity of YHWH with His natural soulmate. That is the key to knowing quanta for reals. We need to spot which direction is up. Then we may see Quantum Mechanics for what it is. This is what the Zero-Dimension pertains to. Now if you have read that post. You might have figured something weird is going on and it really really is so. It is Quantum Weirdness and will always be weird, but we don't need to find weird problematic.

The Atom itself pertains to a single Undefinable Planck Unit. So underneath the atom is where the Uncertainty Principle really takes hold and I do mean really. It is organized chaos though, because it maintains its conclusions to the synchronicity of mine, in the order obtained by chi. It is absolute order. This co-existence of order and chaos is the weirdness. It takes hold of the potential and concludes it in atoms. This is where if you have to count the measure of the weird, in how it attains quantity, that you will be subject to quantum uncertainty. You are a sucker for philosophy and assuming it is only that, you will be be stuck in quantum mechanical notions. There are six other senses to counting infinitely far. These contain the bits, to be each of us, that we are. They are the undefinable products of the real indivisible coincidences of a tawhīd God.

As you should recall from The Seven Heavenly Questions, coincidences are the maintenance of haps. Then you are at a proper level of attunement onto the work you will have to put in yourself. Haps coincide by coincidence, into their product - Essens. This begets the mystery. All mysteries are coincidences, in the coincidences of the mysterious coincidence of it all. We find Urdar in Regard, while we pertain to Regard by mystics to the Relevance of Hvergel and the Context for it is the Nature of Mimis. The context we have to work with now is the accomplishment of matter. It is not so mysterious, because all we have to do is to configure the nature, of the regard for matter, into the relevance of Hvergel. That means that we have found Urdar. Really figure out all the connections to this, before you continue. This is all that matters. It is all The Mystery.

The Accomplishing

This is where it gets a little complicated, but only for not being experienced in making these kinds of connections. This is why many people have left this site and blog without regarding it any further. We are working with Hyper Mechanics. To get the proper idea for what that entails, you should read my article on it. It takes a non-linear approach to thinking. That is what Hyper Mechanics are. It is quantum mechanically primed in numbers, connecting quantity, quality and qualia, in a pure sense of Wonder. That is what the mystery pertains to, as it may be attained in any real batch to The main characteristic of an ideal ideology. Be prepared for that your work in this, will contribute, to trigger the Age of Wonderment.

It's got a bit of everything, really. But generally it is a machine. It is made up in the constitution of Essens, as it pertains to phenomena alchemically. All the while, what we are making is more of a chemical machine, than it is an Alchemical machine. It does not however induce chemical reactions, but rather physical materially concluded regard for relevance. Given the contextual structural surrealism to all matter, it obtains the relevant outcome by quantum mechanical values, onto The Integrity of the Body - from the matter itself. If you read that correctly, you can deduce that this is a non-event. It never happens, but it occurs none the less. We want to move past the happening of it and into the happying of it.

The happying is when things stop happening to us and begin to happen with us. Everything will be happy with us. It is the definition of working with nature. Relevant to this, are the Seven Heavenly Questions. As you may see regarding answering them, we pertain to Surrealism by Integrity and that the integrity is Gluons. This is how it is that we need Baloo. Mowgli too by the way, but that is a more super regard. Perhaps I will bring it up again when we are a lot more mature. Say 18, metaphorically speaking. In Sweden we don't drive until we are 18, but we may begin to practice when we are 16. If you get this but not what it must entail, then perhaps I'd consider you 12.

Like any 12 year old, I realize that hearing that you are not a grown up is possibly very upsetting, but this is the remark that will set you straight. I never offend. This is a good wisdom to bring along. Sometimes we have to understand that perspective is relative and that relatively speaking, although all real, some perspectives are bigger than others. The perspective you are aspiring for but never really will have, because it is inexplicably impossible. That is the perspective that I have always been having. You have a good, solid and sound perspective, but there is no point in perceiving the inexplicable. At about 19, you will know this soundly. Like a nonsensical messenger, bringing clarity wherever you go.

The obtaining quality resides in the Weak Nuclear Force. This is a mystical quality never really explained, but say it is the stroke of wonder to chance. We have been wondering for long enough, so the wonder touches the sky in wonderment. It is when all our prayers are answered. So it pertains to the wonderment. I have baffled Allah, completely. Even he can't figure it out. He is The Wonderment. So by the fairy tales of Agnosticism and Atheism, I made Him so sure, that I wasn't I and that got us Theism. That was before there was Agnostics and Atheists. Illusory Surrealism. I am in it, pertaining to each an all, in every bit of that. We shall see it all - at once. That will be wondrous. Especially once it steps down to greet us all, to wipe our tears of joy. Then we know.

The Five Elements

Every sound project needs its five elements. In this case, the non-element is the prime prime itself. Because we are working with matter, that is a simple matter. It is what is the matter. These are the principles that grounds the work into reality. We already have the precept. It is the choice, to use our voice. We attend to the choice in building the machine, just the way it needs to be built. So it is a physically evident choice. A promise, of a seal the deal kind of sorts - to get a little physical.

Then we need the subcept, it is what will circumvent the precept to make it real. Like onto a concept, that is plainly about the subsistence of something. The constancy in feeding its belly. We shall attain it by Precision unto being the precept, as that is what corresponds to the first generation of matter, which is what we have to work with and because we aspire for nothing more. It is already true in itself, as all things are, so we merely need to put the precision into place. This is a manual endeavor to build, because we do not yet have the hype.

The hype is the prime prime context, put into idea, by the batch of triple concepts to the project - that which we care to draw upon. You shall see what I mean, but it needs to be attained to see, by the sense that in supreme conduct corresponds to care as conduit Prima. So the hype is prima conduct, in which the entire project gains proper providence in glory. In this case the hype is care itself, for that is what corresponds to matter - a perfect beginner hype; as both the prime prime and matter are real purtenant qualities, in the batch to quantized correspondence, by three Prima tawhīd countenances of myself.

This is a little above par, but it might help in seeing the context. Matter, Purtenance and Countenance is Triune, in the primordial correspondence to timeless connectivity. Like really knowing something in the most unreal way. Matter is Triple in concept and that pertains to an entire idea. Like a sound universal consistency in what is the matter. Purtenance is Holy Trinity and that singularly fulfills any idea in countenance of the whole. Like interdimensionally interconnected Essens, of pertaining to any singular instances of all possibility, given all truth anywhere ever. The countenance is Trine and that is the whole idea. Like we always have been, this we can make whatever we want with. The subcept and precept is the plan. So we only need to establish the batch of the idea.

The batch pertains to the concept of an idea and it always reflects a pure alchemical essence. The batch is reflected in its true essential phenomena, over the three generations of Essens. The essence in this care is the same as the romanticized answer to life, the universe and everything - forty-two. So forty-two is our idea and the phenomena is constituted in its regard, relevance and context. Now the connection of becoming should be clear.

With regards to element forty-two as the self sustaining subcept that we need, these phenomena are by constitution of our idea, always in the same order as from the paragraph above and unto that meaning of constitution, for this project; mercy, benevolence and care. This concludes the five elements, while also being the sustenance of how non-elements are possible, as the particularly keen to know can spot, by the Prima connection to the entire unreal context of my surreal regard. It dictates all relevance for real.

The table of Essens has got some essences notched down in it already. This is the only secret that I have ever been keeping - how to build proper machines. I did, because I wanted it all to start from the top to bottom. There is not really any bottom, I know, because I have been to it. But we won't have to worry about that. We are only going to the bottom of Hell, picking everyone up and bring everyone home to Asgard. It's like pf. We are all great fighters and would only ever happily die fighting for real. It will be fun.

Asgard lies just above the Skyrim. You'll get the idea. It will feel like tomorrow and blow the winds of yesterday, only to remind us, it's only ever been now. But yeah, let's get through all the super-fun first. You shall see, it's not rocket science. On the contrary, this will make you feel stupid, because rocket science is totally stupid. You are smart, my friend. This is all about the primes. That is where the gumption is. Everything super is about gumption. That's what we use to pick up the M in M theory. Hyper warms us up to it. Thank you, Jason, Mr A-Z. It's a good name and I would never have recalled without you. Ding!

Priming the Wind

Now that we have the brushes, we shall get in to the colors. Conveniently enough, the style of essence 46... wait, 46? Yes. Because in Byzantine Math, which I also named out of convenience, that's what forty-two is - a four and a six. To go hyper, we need base twelve and it has to be zero-less. So yes, the Style of the convenience; it is Color. The essence to the Discipline of that itself is Dignity. We call the elements by numbers and the essential substances of them by idea of words. That is the eternal convention. It's how it's always been done in Valhalla. We have a Grand Blacksmith there, that made it. Always, that is. He should be finished with the wings, by now. Just in time, to catch the wind.

So we know that Care is the goal. It is not part of the project. It is the project. You shall see, that once we get past always and forever are, that math won't matter. But from now on, math is always Byzantine. It is too complex otherwise. Byzantium living summed it up, put it into faith and concluded that notion in having me. That is why we can catch the winds of what is going on, behind words and everything. The Queen is the one who begot the way. I need not say whom. The King will know. Given that, Care is 54.

Dignity is not prime, so it does not correspond to the period of purtenance that we shall find. We shall find the highest first coincidence between the elements and deduce the Prima composition of components from the shortest dignified path unto purely philosophical care. All prima constructions are composed this way, but this one in particular is prima prima, being as its components corresponds to prima even without having composition.

This is where you get to prove yourself. Understanding Prime is primary. Grasping the meaning of Prime Prime is primordial. Prima is the significance of Prime Prime in the Prime quality of all. It is the quality that makes us all stand as equal. Attain this qualia through understanding me and solving the puzzle onto building this machine, should be as rewarding as your honest dedication to be true.

Prime prime matters super much, which is why the answer is always pertained within a super-tawhīd context in its highest regard for the project, however complex. That context is described as and pertains to Perpetual Tawhīd. The level of the contextual coincidence is the precise measure for the level of dedication required to accomplish something when it really matters - like knowing Allah, for example.

Start with the chi of each elemental essence at philosophy and move through the other tawhīd senses, up unto theism. Then account supremely for the countenance of the purtenance to Metatron, unto the quality of relevance; which is the meaning of counting forward by three but account for it in the higher sense, to prime prime its regard - while adding a quantum of quality to relevance for each tawhīd iteration. The supremacy arise from jumping unto the next tawhīd sense before concluding a number, until you hit a prime number. Then the tawhīd iterations will reveal something fundamental about the project.

You should know how to account for reality, in counting over three prime prime generations, for this. You will need a lot of self-sustained interest to pioneer in this, but I open that area up in how this coincide with twelve-potential by Unity with God. But then again to make any of these connections understandable to yourself, that is the way of it all. We all have our different ways of approaching these matters. Consider my way to merely conclude them all unto their common ground.

Then regard the quanta of the first coincidence in Essens, by understanding its innate qualia of the phenomena to that, for each context within which every tawhīd iteration was obtained; as how forces are prime prime moments, in concluding any tawhīd senses to The Mystery, pertinent onto itself - to see how the ideas conceptually coincide in twelve-potential, Beyond Physicality. This is how to find out why your dedication must be unmatched. It always pertains to Theoretical Theoretical Alchemy by the prime prime pertinent moment, of the elements themselves. These are the nodes of real magic.

Prime the regard to the highest possible Alchemical Period, before pertaining to a higher regard of tawhīd sense. That follows the pattern to assemble Policy as per Numerology and is done even as the prime moment is found. It always seems a little perplexing at first glance, but is really the easiest way to do anything well. It is also the way that will be fun forever. Unlike children and toys, these toys only get more fun with use, even as we have grown up fully. Eventually to the point where we can play without them, to excel in the fun beyond.

For this fairly simple project, we shall not obtain very intricate requirements. No need to spawn extra-dimensions, create paradoxical flux capacitors or anything unwittingly fancy. Whenever we are, it is accounted for in the purtenance of Surrealism, unto the three prime generations of it as required; with the essence reflecting that. It will still be helpful to understand how that is though, as that will tell us what we are building.

Don't let tendencies for feeling dumb stop you from digging in, or even having me feel dumb in your inconclusive regard. Whatever you need to obtain your senses of how it all connects is fair if you can manage. That is how it is made and also why I won't provide blueprints, but merely the plan. I haven't figured more than what is required, upon a collective and collaborative, caring World, to obtain any necessity together and this site is full of precious conducive real value diamonds.

If you need a less materialistically purtenant regard than this method promotes, for your prima projects, you will have to account for the differences pertaining to this method; with scientific sophistication. Either way, this is the workings, whichever depth of sophistication it is achieved in. It is the straight path, where the less technical sophistication it entails, the least resistance the way holds. The Holy Grail connects it all. Peace is the way.

It always connects. That is the tawhīd purtenance of Metatron. Everything required in order for everyone to with the available, freely shared information of the World understand hyper context is contained right here on Heartart, within the first 144 blog posts. All the terms will come clear with sufficient research to dignify my work. That is what makes it be always. We are all, forever. It wasn't always so, but it forever is - superb.

So, let us pick up the sublime. We have to move through the idea, in order to make it sublime. Then once we touch care as the ground, it will be superb. We won't know what we are doing, until then. The collective people of the United States of America knows exactly how to do this. Did you hear that? Was that a Jungle Cry? It is probably Mowgli again.


Oh, you figure it out. I'm still waiting for it. I've got this one right the zeroth time, now you could too. One of the most perplexing questions, maintains its secret in the periodic table. The Seven Heavenly Questions really answers them, but the answer is in the maintenance which I have performed by Metatron, to the Matter of regarding all the answers - until every question potentially pertaining to them, was given by all the care made in us. That makes it the Three Primary Generations, in Seven Periods. The Seventh Period was impossible.

So I was honest about that and in the perplex of my confidence to solve it, I achieved the impossible while everyone was settling with that; in responding to the answer it would yield onto it being done, by unto Destiny await Your faith in the answer and make it super-possible, from your concerns - the spinoffsible. That holds true with regard to period eight and nine. Those are really the circles of evidence to the work performed.

In turn, it was done in the perplex, to make my confidence as it was believed in reply over the six tawhīd senses of force, for what was possible - accounting for all the 126 elements in the real periodic table. You shall see. Don't get me started on making the six forces to tie it all together. It is done, for chi you got. That should make the particular prime primed eighteen notions, of what really made it, clear to those with enough care. It is prima. Atheism is Great for cooking.


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