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A string bit is an absolute disregard for life, solved to the complete resolution of what is possible. To it there is an objection, being objectivity itself and to that, the solution stands. The whole string of possible objection is life onto the fact of absolutely no objection. Each object consists of the nature of objection, which is the tiniest complaint. With regard for every objection ever, we own the right to complaint.


To it we may wonder in demand of miracles, to enjoy being in simply being that we are. The wonders returns the elements of miracles onto the measurement problem of quantum mechanics, yielding the interdimensional coincidence of what we are. It is the Holy Gray Area. We understand that in its own language, being the Holy Grail - the gray area in language.

It is the language of Gods and only pertains to the right by dignity. Everything we see around us is the spoken language of San Graal. It is all that is heard with susception to psuedo blindness. It is the way that Love is blind and the path to ascribe the blindfold of Justice upon. It is the words of El Shaddai.

These words are always spoken in their rightful place, onto the yearning of vibratory range of every complaint made to the resolution in absolute disregard for life. Because life itself is the only constant through it, it amounts to the perfect situation for all living. The depth to which this goes is never-ending.

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