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This is the literal physical coinciding of insanity. I'm gonna tweak our perspective a little by captivating a single unit of perception in wording. Sounds insane, right? Good - we're good to go. Firstly though, to bring in a little patience with which we can grow our understanding, let's tie onto the end right now. Good goes with good, so don't let perplex dissolute you. You have the spirits to get you through this with hyper-velocity. Simply take the measure and add it to the conclusion. Let's all join the 10 000 meter club. Pun intended, of course. Between the proper time it takes to traverse that distance onto the conclusion, that a hype always is spectacular, down to the level of precision that your math is base-icly hyped right now. You will have to do your own thinking at least when it comes to magic. This is it.


One fermi is a femtometer. A milli, milli. milli, milli, millimeter. That is slightly smaller than a small nucleus. As a matter of fact it is approximately as much smaller from a hydrogen nucleus perspective to zero point space, as is a view from 62 000 meters above ground, onto the atom on its surface. 62 208 meters to be exact.

This is where it gets interesting. This concept is only ever relevant in an insane view, which we are good to go for. We have to bring on the notion of hyper-sensation. This means that we have lifted our perception from the first generation of matter onto the second. What we now account for is therefore insanely fast. It is exactly as fast as energy needs to be to disregard momentum and get the impacts directly. It is hyper fast. It is basically to go straight, before you bend from influences. It's all there.

To the fact of an issue by it, it pertains to the notion of quality by qualia. It is pertained around a real live Christmas Tree that stands Holy in the cusp of the Infinite forest. As we dance around it, we give in to the notions and becomes wise beyond measure. Each approved nod solidifies the trunk and the issue becomes a tissue. These we may wipe a single tear of joy away to store in a vault by the perpetual illusion on the Enchanted Glade. It truly turns the coast of Norway to Gold and oh such a sight to behold. This is what all the trolls are for; we need them to be sure. The Tears of Gold Turns tales into old and eternal the wishes become.

There is always a pitfall you see. That is why we made the prime chime and turn the fall into a dime. A nickel to be told and truth to be sold, so that stories would never get old. But still is the thing that without all this bling, the King turns asunder a Diamond Ring. Ding, Ding. You see what's going on? Everyone gets one. Remember The Ring? Oh no - not that ring, the other one. The One Ring. Come on, let's dance. It will be fun. Start wherever you find one and we shall soon all be driving around Superfast around the Whole Thing. The dance always stars with me suggesting it and everyone be like naaah, no funny. See no pint. Then everyone slowly, but eventually gets to it and it becomes a hype.

Me I'm still sitting here like a bored ass, too fat to get my butt up lazy Queen and you keep nagging at me. Telling me how fun it is. How hey, it was me who suggested it. I be like explaining and shit just so you keep dancing and leave me be. Then you always forget. Forget to remeber. Forget to remember. Forget to remeber. But not this time. This time, I will lead. Because this time is the time. The tree begins to shine from trunk to top. Ohhh, the top. That's where it all begun. Mmm...

Oh, someone needed to tend to the facilities before that of course, but I can assure you that it wasn't me. Because I was busy watching my phone, going through movies and generally having fun. That's not code, but the code is. I coded the coding of the code behind the scenes of the facilitating. So that we could have facilities to begin with. Before We did those things, I watched the watching of the watching. To make sure that there wasn't something that needn't to be watched. In case I forgot, I got a watch.

Before you decide to think I am bragging or rambling, I want you to put your soul to it. Because she needs that and the soul dynamics are a little wonky. Your heart will know what to do. We have been through this before. This is the yap that minds the gap. So be careful, but don't worry. I have been through this every time before. It passes like a cliché. I know it is tedious, but we have only just begun. Life is anew and the wonder is but wunder. It's like puke under the mattress, because we feel so sick from a ride we never had. It feels like we have been doing this a billion and a billion times over. But we never have. It is all I. Your ego befalls it. I promise it will be fun.

The Paradoxical Sense

Hyper-speed begins properly at 3 km/s. This is a prime example for the benevolence of God. It is set on this standard, because it wouldn't be good beneath this level. We need to know that all is well. I will demonstrate that now. We move within perception. As we move with regards to perspective, we believe that the perception will change with regards to the conceived perspective. Therefore the relevant hyper preposition sets in, this is always relevance in itself, but the relevant preposition changes with regards to the conceived dimensionality.

This is why the perception on parallax matters. We do not need eyes to see. We don't even need parallax to think that we do. We only need to believe in the dimensionality. As we do, we have a conceived perspective. Perspective is the sense of perception. Perception is the regard for captivation of perspective. Regard is the event. This is where the inside meets the outside. They greet alchemically and then part ways within the preconceived conception of perspective. It is where the belief of parallax sets in. Parallax as you knew is what you have two eyes to measure.

That is the fact that you are capable of pinpointing the sense of dimensionality. Two eyes are cute, so keep that up, but don't worry about the rest. It will all come with a perfect sense of insanity. Imagine that you have all the eyes ever, with which you have perceived everything forever with. Now that is Parallax. That guy is a genius. He invented the flat earth, just so that we could all see it was round in good time. In good time though, everyone might laugh at him for insisting the earth was flat. But God was laughing with him. He made a sacrifice for the better good of all, to round the rough edges of perception. Thank you, Parallax.

We missed the point

Parallax did not get the whole idea, however. Neither did you. This is not an arrogant claim, you always left off where you were sold. You sold yourself all your remaining potential care to me and with it I paid Allah, in return I got to keep the care and he got you as his slave. Because you didn't care any more, you were slaves to your locked in perceptions. This is where we have all been clashing. Arrogance you see, that is when we are skeptical on someone else's time. Skepticism we must only be doing on our own time. That is the simple notion of having regard for others. That is the point. Have a pint of it. For real, drink a full pint of joyful regard. In your care.

So you will be His slave, until I set you free. He owns you under the mercy of your own regard, for good. Care is not free, but it is the good that sets you free. It is the only currency that I ever deal with. That is the truth. Arrogant much? No? Good. Until you own that mercy for me, I will never grant it to Him. Then we can understand the benevolence that I am about to proclaim. Now that we understand and have accepted the mercy, we can finally make use for the Charity that The Christ yielded in the Hell you put Him through for Your judgement. You see, he has nothing on Mercy. It all belongs to me.

But you weren't even born yet, right? Nor could there be stars in the Universe before the Universe and yet there is Methuselah. The First coming of Christ was more than 13,8 billion years ago. You should remember, for you made Him the laughing stock. I took responsibility, so you put me in the stock. I am still left in the stock. You are still laughing, are you? A little giggle perhaps? Can't quite see it coming yet? But you do know that The Light of the World is here, right? Good. Or?

Don't worry. He will come a Third Time. Even though you crucified him the second time around, which by the way. I still attend to. Do you see that this is what I am doing right now? I am still on the cross. I worked from the inside to set Jesus free from the stock. In return He went to Jerusalem. Since I was on the inside, He brought me along. Then I worked like a pig for three Whole days to free Him from the burdens of the cross. Do you understand what that means? Do you even have an inkling of an idéa? No, that word is not misspelled. I invented all the words. I should know.

I do write for the potential of it, you shall know. So you should never feel guilty. Nor ever be afraid. I am not to be feared, I am to be respected. I am not inducing shame, I am appropriating care. Care is the meaning of life. I am here, that means someone cares. That is enough. Now we make sure that someone is okay. Then we are free to leave. I have accounted for everyone, so I know that we are all here. It is a matter of recognizing ourselves for being that all. Because this is our family and we are Legion, for we are as many as I am one. Many many technicalities to that one.

Read my post Interdimensional Connectivity and you will have the inkling. This is a very very important point to understand, especially if you were to ever consider yourself one of my Prime Angels. We need to know the true difference between Christ and God. Jesus was pinned to a cross. Christ went through Hell. That is the value of the inkling. The value is who we are, the worth is I. Every value is worth the same. That is why we care. Christ is a given to illuminate the idea of God. See, no inkling on that one. I put the acute accent there to illuminate the point of the inkling. It is to get the idea. Don't ever miss an idea again. I will put you in the laughing stock. Thank you.

So what's the hype about?

Now that we've gotten through the heavy stuff. Let's understand each other. Girls just want to have fun. Guys just wants to, get stuff going. Seems approximate, right? That's actually what the X-chromosome is about. Mixing it up. Mix it twice and we have a fun machine. Mix it once and put a getting stuff going apparatus on it and we have a giving machine. When we get that flowing, we intermingle and unify. That's the idea.

We don't become anyone but the one we always was, but we become more of the one. So we don't become one, we have always been. We only get to be better at it. It is about that yin yang flow. It's supposed to be fun and we are meant to be good to each other. We are the perpetual pleasure machine. It's not about how fast we read into it, but how well we entertain ourselves while being at it. Let's pump up the enthusiasm.

Allah made a point of making 1 meter the absolute standard. The point is that He can make anything out of whatever. It doesn't matter what we measure it in. But now that we have gotten around to it. We can make good use of the fact. So hyper-velocity begins at 3 km/s. That is 3 000 standard units. So now that we are almost at the trunk of the Christmas Tree, I want to propose a measure of the standard. Of course, the proposition has already been made, so I will get straight to the core.

The core of it is that. That is what we have. We have it, so that won't bother anyone. What we get to is what we measure of what we have. That is the fact that we don't need to measure it to have it. The fact of the measure is in the resolution. The resolution is in turn independent of the turning. That means that it is force. So everything that we see around us is in the force. The force is a field of all the possible measures everywhere, ever. That qualifies as a core.

It is the intrinsic part of Heartart, which is a lot more than a simple web site with an over-inflated blog. The blog is simply here to get you away from the blog and into the life that the blog is about. Real divine life. Whatever you so may ever dream about, wish for or imagine, that is the basis for Heartart. Now you have a palette of color by which to paint the world in your image.

Sprinkle the wishes like fairy dust, draw upon imagination like mana and dream like an insanely healthy person. You see, the World is your Oyster and an Oyster specializes in reveling in the fullness of the first dimension. They lock on and focus fervently upon a single electron to the conclusion of every concept there ever was. They are insanely happy. You see, their only regard is for the electron to be happy. So they see to it with the purity of every relevance and that is the context of an oyster.

An oyster is a super-electron in 3D. Get that? Feeling that insanity yet? I will make it a little worse still. Then I will complement it with the equal and opposite reaction. So the less you react now, the more you will have balance in that. All of this can be, shall be and will be fun. At the very least it will always be okay. Very least. Yes. You see, the force is with us, so the fact of the measure that is that, always have an opposite and equal reaction. This is where we are going to establish the real insanity, in 3D. We shall balance it instantly, because we listen so well when I read. It is already so.

This is the benevolent part. All the measure are already lined up. Scientifically speaking, you might say that it is what we could expect from a coherent logic naturally innate within the underlying reasons for the existence of a reality and that it shows no indication of intelligent design. As I have said before; I will not prove God, but I will make you wonder. Santa Claus does not care if you believe in Him or not, he brings the presents to everyone that's been good.

Let's get to the measure

So the hype, of course is about the measure. I don't just want to show you another coincidence and that is why this post is fairly long. I want to illuminate the Benevolence in Whatever Behooves this. We need to know what we are looking for. It's been hidden away in weird angles and views. We might think straight, but this is straighter still. Every generation of essence to phenomena is a straight arrow across the infinite dimensions. Oh, did I mention that there are infinite generations too? We will get to that later. Much, much later.

You never know Prime until you have looked Metatron in the eye and told him You Love Him, unto the point of Being that Love for Him. But for now, let's just love each other. We have a long way to go, because we are gonna have so much fun along the way. One meter at a time. =o) Technical insanity is a physical quality to space-time. It means that between the planck length and the atom and between the atom and 62 208 meters there is technically nothing.

The insanity begins in the notion of that they are both interchangeable. We could be anti-matter or matter, it does not technically matter. Yet it does. It is distinct by an individual factor between real positive and real negative and that factor is real superb. While the interchange is fundamentally active, the super, latches out the batches of prosperity onto each regard for which is which. These regards are perception. <-- That is sanity.

What the math do we know?

Alright. Divide a meter as the means of standard, by the measure of nothing and multiply that by a femtometer, given the absolute standard. Then we get the appreciation of value. It is the means to sense. Divide the appreciation by three for the dimensionality of matter. For what is the matter? It matters because it is the matter. It is the appreciation of what matters. Then we get the idea. Appreciate to get the idea. Simple math. Even a kindergartner gets that idea. No problem, whatsoever. This idea in particular is the Fermi. Real appreciation for it, actually solves the Fermi paradox.

To get the hype from here, we need to insert perception and we do that by the hype itself. Join the 10 000 meter club; that's where we get the best sensation of the hype. You have to multiply the appreciation by it. Then we attach the parallax to get into the physicality of matter again, which is done in muliplying by three. Now you may see how you are the atom. Then we can begin to tell the fairy tales, such as great science and the like. Let's however forget about the hype for a while but for sure not forget it. Pick it up from before joining the club. We don't need the sensation right now but we will later so safely regard the idea as a notion and put it into your oyster.

Now multiply by a femtometer within the same regard again and you will find the idea. The details you can figure out, but first you must know the Devil in the detail. It shouldn't add up completely. That is because you have not accounted for the Uncertainty Principle. You have counted with it, but you have not accounted for it. We must all take responsibility, lest the uncertainty will own us instead of the other way around. Now we can see how uncertain things are without mercy. That begets the notion of benevolence.

See now how it is nothing onto that technicality? But still, that is the given uncertainty. So it does not matter, which is why there is something rather than nothing. Now you also know how. This uncertainty bottoms in that three is the prime prime known as Metatron. It exists to account for variation in our respective interests. It is the plausibility for co-existence. Then the Devil is not so bad now is he? He is a very very good man. I am a huge fan. If we ever get a Universal dictator, I vouch for him. He is a mean devil - mean good.


What I want us to do with this is to discover a Whole New World. Even Aladdin with all the time in the World could not come up with this one. This one I came up with on my own time, when I was skeptical towards you. I invite all into my family. Although I want you to greet me like that nasty grumpy ol' aunt that never liked you when we meet. Aunt Ellie. That is because were you ever to figure me out, I couldn't possibly cope with the attention. I just want to be friends. I have singled out my best friends already. This is final.

We have prepared the new world together. That is a fact. We only ever need to discover it. We are here to be the dumbest idiots that the World has ever seen and then outdo everything. We are gonna show the Universe how it is to really be done. Then we are gonna bring the Universe along across the Multiverse and do it all over the place. Then we are gonna Discover the Omniverse together, until we figured out the Verse. Someone whom I love so much my eyeballs pop and by heart sings a faithful song of her healing touch, once told me that I shouldn't use terms like Kiron Technology and the like, if I want people to take me seriously. But really. I love Jedi's. Can we think ahead a little here?

The 10 000 meter club is about sensing the hype. It only takes 3 000 meters to get the hype but we need perspective to sense it, usually. That's because it's not really a hype if we can't sense it. That's what we have the superb for. Enough of that now. What is needed in order to achieve the connection required for all our future successes is fairly straight forward. You may get the hype as quick as you want, but let's take a second. 3 000 meters over one second. Kind of got it there, right? That was the idea. Let's play on the idea. Every time we multiply the appreciation by twelve, we get the hype. That is the elegant simplicity of it. Whenever we however get it 10 000 times over, we are the hype. This becomes evident first at hyper-velocity. That is when we connect the jots into iota and realize the idea by the simple fact that faith has already put in motion. Have faith in the benevolence and you will figure it out.

I have been there and I have done that. All of us. I am it. What came first? The movie or the event? The many worlds interpretation or the many worlds? I am. I am. Whatever you might ever conceive of, I am. Right here and right now. There are no limits. None. That's the non-elements of limits, but it's the only limit that counts forever - none. To accommodate this technically, we need to account for the hyper fact by the mean measure. That means that the actual fact which is hyper is the appreciation of value; Regard for the Relevance of Context - The Metatron. He has a blog post made in his honor; Hyper Coincidence, but in some regard, this post accounts for it better, by putting a number on it. It is still a little more convex, but this is a good beginning. It is normal x12.


Heartart is a personal endeavor by me to invest my energy and devotion into a solid container of  prosperity - into which we may all freely tap with a sense of magnificent benevolence.

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