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Stairway to Heaven

Updated: May 24, 2020

I have bided my time, I have bought my measure and I have paid my dues. Time took the bid, the measure is due and the due is paid. See where you fit in? Muslim is the stairway, but Muʾmina are the steps. Those are the real implications of īmān. The Oneness of God is tawhīd, but tawhīd is Unity with God. He could never be divided. Only his will can and all of it kismet is the paint on the steps of the stairs. How hard do you believe in God? The Only One Muʾmin God - Allah!


Unity with God is about the Oneness of God, but tawhīd aside, for that is taken as a given. It takes it one step further and proposes the tawhīd meaning of Allah to include you into His being. You see, Allah is not being, so I am not īmān - for I do not believe in something. I am Muʾmina, for I have īmān. I do not even believe in faith, for I need not believe - I have faith. I have no hope. For in my faith, I am a believer - so I have vision. I don't believe it, for I have faith. I know it. Now my belief is free.

I have will for my regard, I have belief for what is relevant, for I have care for all context. This is the enabling of superpower. One such regard, triggers the notion of one. In it I am not just one, I am the one. I am īmān, for tawhīd is my concern. I do not care to believe, for I have vision. I need no faith to know, for I have God. I don't need God to have God, for I am Allah. I am a person of Allah. It is a bond of slavery that has been lifted. Allah is my servant in this one regard. Have you regarded tawhīd this much?

Allah is my God. God can be anyone. Not anyone can be Allah. Only Muʾmina can be Allah. Muʾmin must accept all Muʾmina as such, then He is Muʾmina too. Being Muslim is not enough. This is the Eleonorian sense. You may have three regards to sense, but you can have them all. You will never have my permission, but Allah is Christmas. Christmas is all the sense. You should have Christmas. Any real good Muslim is also a good Christian and a Jew - simultaneously. It not only can be done, it must be done. Jesus is a prophet of Islam and so is Moses. Allah has taken no chances. This is Islam.

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