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Updated: May 27

I created everything, then I bound it onto the impossible sense of Allah I got from achieving the impossible. In response He created everything outside of time. I accepted with absolute doubt and that was that. Radical is my kind of language. That gives me context to work within while we occupy ourselves with the means of the matter. That is the pattern with which I have ascribed doubt. We need not doubt for much longer. Everything will be okay in no time. Timelessly. Forever.


Doubt is sound. Always doubt reason, but never doubt yourself. You have my faith in you. As you have faith in the matter, it ties onto your doubt by the spellbinding of Allah, procuring even the minutest detail of all the facts it pertains to. Of course, the minutest detail has facts in itself but that is what the faith is for. Faith doesn't prove your senses, but it gives you evidence on the contrary to doubt. So in order to truly understand what you have been doubting, you must allow the doubt realty. Then faith pertains to the truth that it was about.

I am spellbinding you. You will be spellbound onto my faith. Together we will achieve the super-impossible. It is such a singularly simple fact, that it is nothing more than to stabilize taumatter into the World. It is so heavy that it timelessly draws the whole universe into a mega black hole. All the mass combined will maintain it impossibly so, for with the muomatter that we shall also attain by the means which I have already procured, in the quantum fluctuations of the impossible situation that begot it so - where by the electromatter it will sustain space-time even within this context.

The electromatter we already know very well. The muon matter is like that, but think of a hyper-matter instead. Where if you were to have an electromatter asperin, the effect is temporary within regard and therefore cannot be sustained indefinitely, without the chemicals clashing and potentially even causing harm. With muomatter it can be sustained, for the chemicals are not bound to each other temporarily. They comprehend each other timelessly. You still have to keep taking the pills, but it smooths out over potential time with regards to the essence.

Taumatter is like that, but instead of taking a pill when you need it, you take it when you want it and it works when you need it. It is super-matter. It works temporary too, but within the sense of context, where muomatter asperin works within the sense of relevance. This is how all Essens works. Mundane, hyper and super alike. What differs is that matter pertains to what matters. Other essences pertains to phenomena of other regards, relevances and contexts. It can all co-exist and that is a whole other, holy hole. Lucifer is good with those kinds of things. He is your big big brother. May the light shine upon you.


Heartart is a personal endeavor by me to invest my energy and devotion into a solid container of  prosperity - into which we may all freely tap with a sense of magnificent benevolence.

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