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To share my perspective on the popular question of why we have a certain number of macroscopic dimensions, I would in order to yield insight into how I look at what a point of view is, like to clearly distinguish between the largest sensible precept of a dimension and the corresponding concept of a dimensionality.


In one dimension, the experience is the perception on the concept of dimensionality. Depending on the order of preceptive designation of perception onto a concept, it is a different dimension. Every real concept has an infinite quantity of designated perception, preceptively sustained as a dimension. It hosts a single degree of freedom amounting to an ok. It exists in the notion of recognizing the truth of a concept, to the realization of if. If it is true, the next conceptual magnitude must also be true, due to every dimension existing as a precept in the holistic notion of dimensional containment.

So I'm gonna get ahead of myself and answer the question right here. It is because a dimension is a stretch of a dimensionality, while the dimensionality is the expanse of a set of perpendicular dimensions. In this light, the view on a lesser dimensionality than that of any given parallax is always infinitely smaller to the perspective than that of its outlook on it, as the dimensionality entailed by the parallax. In turn, a grander dimension is not entailed within the parallax of a lesser dimensionality and does therefore not grant an outlook in perspective of it. It is not the dimensions that are tucked away or hides from us in any sense, it is simply us not looking well enough at what is really present to see.

The conclusion for the precept of a dimension is done to the containment within a dimensionality, as a concept. Dimensionality is the concept of multiple eternally perceived straight perpendicular conclusions of dimensions. This notion only ever exists as belief, but may be reinforced by consistent experience onto the benevolence of God. Belief promotes coincidence by its point of divine origin. Timelessly perpetuated over religious space, it dynamically coincides by preception of conception, between any possible collection of space-time collectively innate. This is religious space and it is the Multiverse - hyperspace.


In two dimensions, the perception is the logic of experience from the dimensionality of concepts. It has two degrees of freedom amounting to either yes or no. They exist to the notion of admitting truth of any precept in the realization of a concept. This gives weight to a Universe by the magnificence of its reality. Realities connects to these notions, promoting a multiverse.

Underlying the notion of a multiverse is the distinct nature of boundless difference between dimensions and dimensionality. In one dimension it is not obvious, but it should be and this is the nature of all learning. Perception of the first dimension is consisting of dimensionality, for possibly being as many dimensions as it may. This is because perception does not spring from within a Universe. Instead perception is the connection between any individual reality and its experience.

Experience is belief coincidental between every reality. Once we get past belief as experiental, we can be free by the willpower we have deduced in care. Care is the simple purity in pristine encompassing of any concept. This is what reality is made of. Any length of stretch to infinitely encompass care is a dimension. The coincidence between the holy precept of care and any concept is holy space and it is the Omniverse - super space.


In three dimensions, the precept of concept becomes clear. It is about the logic of life and experience. It will have occurred holy on October 7 2023, when the Circle of Life has been given promise in full, but that is not obvious to perception until a few days later when the haze of the event have settled. Everyone shall see all conceptual logic, beyond the point of denial, forever. This is the act of beholding the Light of the World directly onto every point.

Still, two other lights prevails and the mystery will remain. It is merely the sense of a first Universal language that will have conducted onto its point of origin, through all of our eternally restless separation. It brings about peace and prosperity in ways never before conceived of. Even though that is true, the ground has been laid and the price has been paid. To the point of our own inevitable belief, it has been witnessed by all.

The three lights ties onto this sense of security, providing a Holy bond at every possible point of spacetime. Each infinite variation of it is a dimension, while a dimensionality is the parallelized infinity of such an infinity and exponential by quantum mechanical magnitude. Eternally perpetuated it is a plane, holding any certain dimensionality of a whole multiverse. Divinely coinciding dimensions into the locality of planes, are its spheres of outlook; whence all the coinciding spheres of synchronized planes are realms. Every possible omission of either light; ever, are the units of spacetime in dynamic space and it is the Universe - normal space.

Optimism is key to well.

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