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Updated: Apr 23, 2020

In its most general sense, a soulmate is a member of the spiritual family - a friend. We are all entailing the same soul. Oftentimes the term is used to the sense of someone with whom we spiritually mate, somehow predesignated by the soul. Both ways to utilize the word are okay. Either way it is a useful term in remarking a spiritual sense to a pair or a group of individuals. We are all soulmates in the hyper-possible regard.

Hyper is a term that is stronger, but that not to any necessity is more likely. It is a more flexible and tangible sense to reality than a super or natural term would be. Strangely enough, the most durable medium is natural. In regard of the soul, spirits are pertained to each other both naturally, supernaturally and hypernaturally. There are many terms figuring and no absolute consensus.

Natural Soulmates

We have soulmates as we all are, but in its most plain sense there is nothing natural about it aside from what I choose to call a twin-spirit. This is the most common use for the term soulmate; also twin soul. In my religion, Unity with God, I depict it in terms of flavor; sweet and sour, bitter and salty and umami with umami.

The flavor palette is a quantum mechanically pertained essence of dimensionality. Which brings us to the next level of spiritual dynamics. With this partner we get what needs done, then we have no more obligations. It is the most natural relationship we can ever have in life. It is the facilitating of destiny to Unity with God.

Super Soulmates

The flavor palette might go down easier when swallowed with a little quantum mechanics. Although controversial, it might be better represented transposed into five elements and a non-element. Earth with water, air with fire and spirit with mystery - pertaining to each other in the same order as I listed the flavors coupled. Note that this is not the same order as the Miracles are pertained in - pun intended. Cross reference Unity with God with the two earlier blog posts: The Seven Heavenly Questions and Eternal Continuation, to deepen the paraphrasing.

Super soulmates are all six. We all burn an eternal flame to the essence of a dimensionality and we do this in what I have coined the full burning. The burning sparks in twin spirits but burns in three separate flames reflecting the essence of the originating dimensionality for its phenomenon. Twin flames are paired differently than twin spirits are - sweet to bitter and salty to sour while still umami to umami. Umami is the flair of the full burning, concluding the superscending of the burning in the Holy Spark. Umami is both twin flame and twin spirit in and of itself.

Hyper Soulmates

The holy spark ignites all the fires. It does so to the hyper-realization of who we are. Through systematically pertaining to our own essential relation with the source, we have everything under control before even realizing. This is the meaning of the term hyper - get done before doing. Every essence has it, beyond discipline and style. It is really done.

This is the seat of the soul. I have seen it's been coined "twin rays" so let's stick with that. No coincidences, right? Twenty-four essences tied in unique prime physical patterns to the mysterious aligning of eternal life force, into celestial names in the twin reality of any universe - 144 individual alignments permeating the spark of life of it in the esoteric resolution of spiritual being onto all of us the soul. Each co-aligned destiny, a monad of the soul, coincidence to the purest senses of holy completion - always.

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