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With regard for the nature of every phenomena, we become wise. The order of wisdom infinitely is relevance in the phenomena and to it we have knowledge. The terms of order over infinite disorder is context as the phenomena and by that we learn respect. Any sense to it is an essence to the certainty of Asaría - Essens. Essens is made of respect. Respect is the making of Asaría.


Asaría is the City in the Land without Name. Essens is the Land, but it has no name. The name is well above the land itself. Illuminated between the fictional stars of Xia and Ix, Sol - the zero point sun; reflects the reality of the name upon the continental city in the Livian ocean in the profundity of our moon, Luna. Such is the grandeur of Tellus, the reality of planet Earth. Forever it lives by the spirit of Gaia, onto Chi; the Triple Goddess. Her triple nature reminds herself of all in its reality by its reflection over Jota, Fundus and Prime - the three new moons of perplex around Livia.

The Triple Perplexity

Prime is as big as Luna and is experienced as such from the surface of Livia. It is red in its visage to the likes of Mars. Jota is visible as three times the size and has the same color as Luna ever in appearance. It is though even slightly bigger than the Earth itself. Prime is ocean blue and appears to be twice the size of the natural moon of Earth. Its real size is forever obscured to the depth of perplex. These moons are surrealistically shared between Earth and Luna. Luna is the only moon real onto the entire unreal extent of Earth. Eternal balance rests in equanimity upon the perplexes of the moon.


Once we uncover the real nature of phenomena, this surreal evidence of it will present itself. Every problem solves itself from our benevolence. Every willingness to grant it shall appear in mercy. By that we will grant ourselves the wit to uncover all the inspiration required to get it. The Heavenly Kingdom is already here and it begins with Fantasy. To the perplexity of ourselves it is uncovered onto the Glory of God. May He live forever, but in case he doesn't, be sure to visit his grave. Then as we rejoice, the Goddess unveils for real. Bless yourself. If I am not proud, you shall be grateful. I grant you that.

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