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Relative Recursive Opportunity

Spirit is a measure of probability to the soul. Whenever we think that we are something, it triggers a spiritual feedback loop of opportunity. This opportunity is intangible but real.

Weight of Probability

Probability is non-linear quality, composed of linear quantities. In practicality, it means that we maintain our relationships of the soul eternally, while anything can happen. So long as we rely on the spiritual assets to achieve something, we can. In due to the nature of time, we achieve nothing without it. Anything that ever happens, owes itself true onto the spiritual measures of divinity.

These measures are always care. They are the sense of coincidence in composition of iota - the acceptance of the will of God. It is the will of God that is the entailing of a sound quantum of string consistency, under-arching reality - kismet. It is unlimited in nature, all the while it provides consistency to order, by stabilizing non-linear probability by weight from the real value of everything.

Value is intrinsically known by those whom spiritually possesses it. By regarding the context of value, we may find purview to address questions within our own solutions. This is a spiritual endeavor and is done to the will of God. It is such that we by it may paint coincidence with iota plainly, as we care for each context of these regards completely. This is the reality of Kismet and as such we may create by will purely, thus knowing it true as we do. Despite knowing however, we can never create for anyone other than ourselves; which is why we have coincidence.


Always does the soul pertain to the fullness of every spirit. The all-probable and dignified onto no binding reality. We cannot ever gain real insight beyond this notion. To this we may only coincide with others, but never entail beyond our own spiritual existence. This is cause for humility. By humbly recognizing our spirit as limitation in adhering to God without soul, we are open to receive the dignity of the missing subsistence in between. As complete as we are that - we are divine.

The soul is the measure of how well we deserve divinity, while this sense of humility is the coincidence with God in obtaining it. We may all struggle with spirituality for as long as we'd like, but it will never amount to anything but a sense of what you're missing unless your openness in obtaining Gods Glory lies in realizing it is His. The level of enlightenment is non-retractable, on whichever grounds it has been obtained. For it was always honest by an absolute degree and the work required to meet your absolution may never be undone.

Enlightenment is the sense of spirit in belonging to the soul. Since we cannot doom the soul to its undoing without immeasurable guilt, already paid for, we may never return to a lower state of enlightenment. It persists even through death. It may be shrouded and played with as we please, but this is it. Life is eternal to the sense of its value. This is the constituency of probability in how we throughout the relativity of the reality of our existence, spiritually embody the probability on our individual paths to Glory. Because of it, all truth is eternal but we are free.


Because we are, we are worth it. We are the ones that has to live with it. No-one else gets to make these decisions as there by any matter of fact is no-one else to do so.

Dignity is the sense by which we ascribe worth to everyone. Divinity is optimal worth.

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