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Relative Celeritas

The magnitude of dimensionality is the state of Kismet. Kismet, although unchanging is susceptible to the batch of care to parallax in belief. I clear all these concepts up in earlier posts and it is important to know how I define them in order to understand what I am about to say.

Interdimensional Remedial Lift

Hakuna Matata. Don't worry, be happy. This is the mantra of the soul and it brings about a sense of dignity. Dignity when taken into consideration of others is concern. As we concern ourselves with each other, our glory is dignified. Glory touches our understanding in a sense of wonder. We know what we mean and we will what we want before ever having to think about it. That way we can set aside our minds for other things than thinking.

Thank God for the Glory He bestows and move on to more important things, such as believing what you want of life. Once your will coincide with dignity in glory, it will be. It will be, for it is you so you are it and we are one. Think about it. If you were everything and you are the one that is it - would you ever be something that you are not? Who is it that is it? Then what would you be? We are a trine - I, us and it. This is why there are mystical mechanics to it. But if you align the conduct of your whole being to mean only Love, then by every sense of the word, you are a God.

When you do, to no delight but your own. You will by grace of the Lord of the Worlds find yourself coincide with other Gods. Then what you care for is what you get. Although His ways are mysterious it will always coincide to the highest good. The sense of this good is what your mind should consist of. Pure of heart, free of mind. You will not go out of your mind but your mind will go out of you. It will fetch and catch whatever you so desire and weave it into your parallax - beyond any time you have ever known. From directions inconceivable by your imagination. In better regards than you might ever concern yourself with. You are taken care of, all you need is to care for it.

Right thinking, right speech, right action

Bringing it up a notch, it translates into essence. I have clear instructions on how to think about it. They are very esoteric so you might have to delve into the rabbit hole to truly figure what I am saying. But with enough patience and dedication, you may understand it. Only then might I have taught what you would have me teach. For I am you.

Right thinking is your most profound regard of love, right speaking is your understanding of relevance onto love and right action is your trust in God this moment in love. These adds up to the batch of parallax. To your delight you will believe. It is not a miracle, nor is it truth. It is simply nonsense. None the less will it be so and when it is, it will be your delight. Your delight is all and it has been everywhere. Don't shun from darkness and always face the light. It will be both and you shall not be able to make any distinction.

Still, in this state of mind. Your heart will glorify your senses onto that belief. That is the moment that light adheres to your senses. It always does but in which state are you? What are you? Seriously, what are you? You can be joy, grace, gratitude, pleasure, God, anything. Literally, anything. Be anything. It is you. It must be - it is anything. Anyone could be anything. This is where glory begets the light. Kismet sets in beyond rules and regulation breaks apart to accommodate your understanding to be unbound by any law.


This is what the light is. The light only seems to follow the laws within your parallax, but it is absolutely free. The light has a variable speed to the dimensionality of perception. This is because time is of various importance for different planes. All these planes are here right now and there is an ultimate balance to all of it. It is that. That is whatever is at. When our minds are free to conceive of any care, we might conjoin the parallax of dimensionality into sense of its magnitude.

Contrary to popular belief, this is not about vibration. The magnitude of dimensionality is beyond the space of perception, but within the grasp of sense. There is no vibration. Vibration is time dependant and we are not. Rather, the providence is found within grace. Your Grace is God and He is Benevolent and Merciful. You may not be proud. It is His will. Although you can be a God you will never be Man enough to comprehend Allah. Your will can not be free without submission to His will. His will is your will in your rightful place among all. To respond to it in providence is the pure essence of dignity. That dictates your rightful place.

Leptons are the sense of your providence - electrons, muons and tauons. They are the magnitude within which light has providence onto celeritas. Although it pertains to the sense of a time, there is no time and light has no speed. It is merely the illusion of delay by which you wonder. When we shift our providence, we might also experience concurring dimensionalities or simply grace their content onto belief. It settles into popular belief by ways of wonder. That is magic. You will never see it coming.

Heartart is a personal endeavor by me to invest my energy and devotion into a solid container of  prosperity - into which we may all freely tap with a sense of magnificent benevolence.

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