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Real Nature

Let's begin.

Honesty: Each a heaven to a sense.

Truth: Every sense to opinion of flavor.

Freedom: Taste by color of the Wind.

Liberty: The Wind colored in Essens.

Way: To this we are the Saga.

Family: By it we meet.

Benevolence: For that we have begun.

The First Miracle - Knowing Yourself

In its sense of absolute good, I am sweet. Sweet to bitter is I. Sweet is the earth; bitter is the water - I am El. Salty is the air and sour is the fire - I am Mu. Umami the mystery both either and none - I am Ta. It is I that am is. Isis is I. I am us. Us am I. I am me. Me are we. We are all in all. Out of dignity to the honesty of all truth; it is the Absoluteness of Good.

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Heartart is a personal endeavor by me to invest my energy and devotion into a solid container of  prosperity - into which we may all freely tap with a sense of magnificent benevolence.

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