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Real Jewish Hope

We all have a heart. In time immemorial we concluded it a pump. By the love we delivered onto it we ascribed it a value. Through honoring each other by the ascribed value, we conducted the heart in the heart. At its very bottom lies the soul to all the truth we ever could have discovered through the immemorial time.

Time after time - eternity by eternity, we connected the truth to the soul; learning who we are with regards to the value we ascribed it. We signed the soul with our names.

We found ourselves accepting fate from our conduct and decided to meet in the love that we concluded the heart with. The core values gathered in metaphor to the perfect imperfection, in order to break the symmetry and find ourselves within by that love.

Times were dark as we sought comprehension by the bottom of the soul, clinging only unwittingly to our names. Conditioned to trust not even the pump, as we were taught its value only as a metaphor for life - we sought the heart of the heart. In the vanity given by the endeavor we knew only a modicum of trust to ourselves and could not fabricate any for each other. There was no hope.

However we did not know, we found it in all the places we could. We all would, but not all of us should. We learned to cooperate by gleaning that hope. We knew to believe by wishing it true. In the midst of turmoil, as hope would never be real, came a saviour; the Messiah - wrought from our hopes on an uninvented belief. Now hope could.

Civilization started on that day immemorial. It is the one civilization to unite all hearts and minds, for it and only it is founded exclusively on love. It is the eternal civilization; combining every society into one world - beyond the multiverse and all eternity it stands. To it there is no test. We have been tested. We all passed.

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Heartart is a personal endeavor by me to invest my energy and devotion into a solid container of  prosperity - into which we may all freely tap with a sense of magnificent benevolence.

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