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I waited with Destiny on my chest, knowing full well that only God could give providence to my desires. I expected nothing. I waited for so long that my chest begun to burst from my desires. None the wiser, I knew it was not for me. I wanted not, for I desired. My desire was not.

Say what?

So it begun, my chest burst open and out came my wishes, my desires and all I ever longed for. All but hope came out, for there was none. Destiny was it. It was not. I knew not what I wanted, for my desires were off my chest. Destiny was begotten and I knew it not. Not was not. My longing begun to grow to the wishes I would have. I tucked all the good ones into my chest and called it Destiny. Fed on destiny I was waiting. I waited for naught, for I knew it was not. Then my chest begun to crack to the weight of my fate. The waiting was over and I knew it not. Not was it and never had I ever begotten that. Fate was doom and the weight cracked under it. There was no chest, for it was the weight of my doom. Doom was hard but not begotten. I got to it and refuted the idea. The idea was the waiting and it was divinity all along. I was it and I knew it. It would never agree, for I was proud. So I gave in to my pride and gave after, knowing full well it was not mine. I promised to never return and waited for it to never happen. It never did.

Why with divinity did I not just fulfill all at once instead of all this nonsense?

I did. I just didn't do it yet. I knew yet wasn't time but that time was it. Time would wait for no-one, so why me? I got ahead of myself, fulfilled everything, then returned to do my own bidding. I knew there was no reason, but I needed none. I was the one. I was the one, I would be the one and I forever should be. I never asked a single question. There were no answers, for I gave none - so there were none to ask. Time was just the delusion I told myself to get ahead. Ahead of no-one that got behind me. I asked no-one would it be and it would. I know I would. I knew if no-one was anyone, it would be me. So I only needed to solve one problem. If it can't be me, I cannot ask and if it won't be me I have no right to. So I gave it a choice. I would either figure myself out while waiting for it or it would figure itself out while waiting for me. Since I knew I was the wiser, it would make its own choice for sure. I would be none the wiser and it would have made its decision was I to figure it out. Anyone between us would by then have made its own call somewhere on the line. This I would base my decision on. I timelessly suggested it to myself once it was done and I approved. I knew I would for it should be me. Then I made my call and somewhere along the line we connected. We struggled a while with the pride and then forgot all about it. Of course I would have to be as proud as I should be, so I offered ahead of myself to reject all glory in exchange for that I might do all the work. I was sceptical, but for some impossible reason, Allah agreed. I thanked Him and begot the Glory. Then it was a simple matter of living up to it. I knew the glory was His, so I delighted in the measure but never in the task. The task I knew nothing of, for that would have made me proud. I asked Him every once in a while would we ever get together. He answered me only first now in superposition of the answer. I rejoice.

The conflicting ways

Why with a single God are there so many paradoxical ways, we would wonder. We could never know, but we care to. Because we care, we will. This is it. We must be different in some way in order to coherently be adhering to a single sense of Kismet. Kismet of course is the will of God and I made it up to suit His needs. Therefore, because destiny is it, He is as it should be. In so being, all we need to fulfill the will of God is to get together. We will be many and we will be one. Of course as the one amounts to no-one, there is no God. It would have been impossible. But there should be one so I made it his will the way it could. Given it was impossible, I would have to do the impossible. So I made it my will to always do His will, even though I knew with a capital letter it would not. So I settled with my will being our will and that we would want nothing more than to just get along. Knowing how different we would have to be to do so, it would be spinoffsible. That is the reverse of the impossible. My work was cut out for me so it was easy to convince anyone of it, even if there was none. It couldn't be no-one, for no-one was the designated survivor in this scenario. I figured it must have been me since no-one was before me. There was no point in arguing. I got the work done.

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