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Quantum Gravity

Updated: May 24, 2020


The lawset of Mimis

Gravity is a passive force. That means that it isn't actually doing anything. It is something. It is the universal fact of infinite improbability. That is the amount of probability sustained for the existence of the infinite flat euclidean spacetime over all the dimensions in a reality. Since it is so quantified that the probability to sustain it meets itself in infinite improbability, its real value is zero. That is the fact of its passive nature.

Every object because of this fact; Tawhīd, is attracted by its relative quantization onto the zero point of dimensionality. It meets Tawhīd along the shortest possible path. Time is increments of the relative value between the magnitude of dimensionalities while space is the magnitude of each. Although true, due to Tawhīd being faced to the fact of its nature in all directions, the fourth dimension is the essence of time.

It is circumstantially bound to the measure of probability for time to adhere to change in either direction of any dimension, coinciding by logic in a Holy Cross to the length of all first dimensional planes, onto infinite improbability between all universes to the multiverse by the second dimension. A plane is the coinciding probability measure of minute differences to a time onto the same time for all events between all the universes of a multiverse.

Beyond the planes we have to resort the fact of gravity onto hyper-mechanical proceedings of the minutia. Within a sovereign Universe this however means that zero is the value of gravity. A three dimensional black hole breaches the magnitude of space by a factor of three and therefore coincide with the zero point. Time at this point has infinite value within the black hole and space has none. While on the opposite side of perspective time has no value and space has all.

Space and time meets at the top to bottom quality of Tawhīd perpetuation and is overlooked onto properties to the persistence of the multiverse throughout the omniverse. This macroscopically manifests the fact of a three body problem; as in the magnitude to the plane where the dilemma first occurs and by which quantity it persists - to its resolution of the entire dimensionality; within a universe of a plane, onto its magnitude to the panacea of charge by the mystery of God, into three generations to manifestation finding negentropic phenomenon to the indivisible reality of Tawhīd over its holy entropic regard. As universal perspective onto either universal, multiversal or omniversal conclusive facts by Kismet, for either of two directions to the manifestations per generation as quarks, it is indivisibly true in atoms.

I know it is a mouthful, but this is the classical context of Tawhīd and thus concludes relativity absolutely. Within the context of an atom, the mechanics pertains to a different set of laws as they obtain the value of the multiverse in to context rather than a single universe. Next as such is the Lawset of Hvergel to the conclusion of quantity. What is important to note is that by this lawset, Mimis is the purtenance of probability onto infinite improbability, coinciding in any plane by two forces; Gravity and Magnetism - where Gravity is the pertaining of probability within any given magnitude and Magnetism is the pertaining of infinite improbability multidimensionally over the course of reality being infinite dimensions. The photon is as such the infinite coinciding to the improbability, by parallax batch value. It sustains the fact of the Holy Cross with dignity to all across all dimensionality, in gravitons formulated to its likely distribution of multiversal proportion innate all, by any esoteric relevance onto every assumption - the omniverse.

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