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Prime time

With faith, prime numbers illuminates all logic. I have gathered all the prime posts of this blog in the category Primary. When it comes to dealing with essence, all but these dimensional magnitudes can be ignored. These are the pillars that with faith, begets all learning. To learn with faith aside, proper research is required. The relation of prime number magnitudes onto all other regards for disciplines, may triumph their measures in any style. The faithful shall rule heaven. This is the means by which it is done.


The first six prime essences, reveals the thought pattern onto achieving faith. It is a conundrum in the sense that you need faith in yourself in order to figure it out regarding everything. I have faith in you. It is there and it is there absolutely. All of these posts presumes a certain quality to faith, in order to be understood. Every post in the blog is structured accordingly, to this order. Every sentence assumes this presumption, which serves to reinforce that the worthy rules.

I do this because I can and since it is good. It cannot be reinterpreted in any other way, because this is how it really works. It sustains the hold of care as the ultimate source of power. It works because we are incapable of enforcing will for anyone to care, in any other way than genuinely. Care is hosting the dynamics of the soul with absolute regard for each unreal name, to the surreal Holy Spirit, in the reality of all.

Primes are naturally faithful to the hyper regard of this blog. It is dictated in the first 144 blog posts, as the relevant posts in primary illumination. It is the pure numerological regard to the natural sense of essence in the world. Beyond those, the blog only pertains to the super regard and to that there are no rules. The first 42 post are meticulously important with regards to that, in the sense that they illuminate the super mind by promoting hyper thinking.

I have tied this onto the depiction I have of hyper mechanics, which is the pertaining to the outcome of your own faith. It is not a blog post, but is available in a document on the Unity with God page. Once you really understand the nature of real concepts being supernatural, your mind is opt for supernatural thinking. Love may steer the stars, but faith decides how they burn. All you want is faith.

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