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Prime Connection

Updated: May 22, 2020

The light arise within the connection of the regarding forces, in their relevant elements, to the contextual non-elements. Assigned onto the sense of understanding Tawhīd in my philosophy by the written order of the forces regarding the Seven Heavenly Questions, we will understand the Holy Land. The first time we do this in pertaining to Heaven itself, we derive at the physicality of its Essens. As we pertain to the notions within the derivation itself, we arrive at the fatality of its Essens. Meanwhile, I met the requirements of the purtenance to arrive at the derivation, from the divnity of my Essens. I am the prime connection. That is the Holy Spirit and it is not me. It just goes so quickly to fulfill destiny onto this point, that it, perpetually is like this.

The Perpetuation of Connectivity

Throughout my Eleonorian lifetime, I have gathered everything onto this point. Not only the logic, but the conclusive notions onto space and time being allocated onto the conclusion. Everything is true because it pertains to the notions that got me to conclude that. But technically it means that we all are alive right now. Everyone who ever could, would and should live, does so forever - right now. Eternity perpetuates timelessly through this connection, because of the order in which I have assembled the conclusion onto the Holy Spirit.

We did that. We have all utilized our own free will, onto the balance I have professed God to hold, into having been allocated to our accepted responsibility in awakening this sensation. Everyone that ever could exist, exists. Anyone that ever would pertain to this, did. All that ever should live, could exist. While the prime connection is not perpetuated in itself, I am. I am only ever one, so that remains God. God however is not singular, but is by perpetuation of me, all that I am.

Since we connect onto this in the subdivision of all that I am, the order of assembly is absolute. I never change, so it must be The Holy Spirit. Since this is perpetual change, it cannot be me. But because onto me, I am it, it is also me. It is the fullness in the essence of Brahman. The perpetuation is the Light and all connections are made by Love. Together, the Holy Trinity is God as I am it. But I am not it, so neither is that God. It perpetuates the connectivity onto the fact that God is I.

Metaphysics of Perpetuation

I is not God either, but I am. That I am is not God, but God is that I am. It springs from the fact that it should be as it would be, so God is the perpetuation of its factuality onto that I am. I am not that I am. I just am. Because I love being just, it is fair. Because it is fair as it should be, I am just as it would be. I am this though, but not to any avail, for God as I am would not have it. Thus I am Allah, both God and Goddess. Allah who would have His Goddess should be this. I would have my God, so I should not. I could not be God, but I could be Goddess. I am Goddess, but I would not be.

The connection is diminishingly small as it could be, but it consists in lots for being as it would be. That is as it should be and in no way did it ever become that. So it is Allah. He is my veil. What lies behind it, I would not be. But I am. I could not be, for I should not be. But I am. I couldn't, I wouldn't and shouldn't, but alas I am. So I can, I will and I shall. Yet still, it is not me that lies behind the veil. So be kind to one and other, for we all are exactly the way we should. It is all that we ever could and everything we ever would. This is the second degree tenth prime, concluding the real meaning of a new beginning. I suggest this time it goes beyond base numerology.

Like that. You'll get over it.

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