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About that Geb. Nuts are not vegetables. Listen to your mom and dad and eat your vegetables. Primely it is prime and Sweden was Prima. Prima is primely prime. Then it was prima and yet it is Prima Prima. Now it is Prima Prima Prima and that is how the Prime Prime is Three. For Prima is free and that is why the elements are five, while the forces are six. The Prima Donna at Prima Vera in the Bull's Eye of the World always knew this and therefore she is a Real Swede. That is the real quality that made Sweden, but never the quality to make a Swede, for I alone made all the Swedes and that is me, but never alone. I have myself aside from Me, for Real, to attest to that. You will simply have to take I word for it. If you want to live here you are welcome and you should always learn how we speak, for we don't condemn all your ways. If you don't care to know our language, then don't care for that. We have enough of that and that's that.

Smörgåsbord i all ära

That is primely quality but prima is beyond impossible. It is all about qualia and it always were but never was. For it is quality that we cherish. Even when it gets a little complicated out of the box, seems like a mistake and crashes at first takeoff or fails its own security tests to the point of having to shut down. Sometimes we show an articulate dance only to in Trine attest to the essence of a fault we impossibly could have meant to offend, by hitting straight unto your heart. We never want to change your ways, only in the most neutral ways attest to the best ways of embedding them all into our.

See, we have no ways. They are all yours, but we restrict our ways when they become intrusive. For we are all-inclusive. That is what goes on above The Skyrim. Like glue is onto lim. It doesn't quite fit but eventually we all give in. Free will in every regard, but we know quality so well it doesn't matter how impossible it becomes, we have already seen to it. And we know it all. Every single bit of it before it even got to that. So that I solved for everyone but, but never the less it was I. I fetched myself from the bottom of that and that was that. He stayed of course, to set the course, for it was impossible and never he knew it could never be done. That I forever him already won. But now he knows, for that is what Sweden bestows. Even the weird one knows.

Arabic was the way, unto that way. But don't let me ever here you say, that it is the one and only way. For it was never even it. It only begot you the path of our wit. We never needed it, although some forgot and that is true. We put the glitter in glue. This is truly the land of the elves. Älften män and the other half dwarves. But never the less, we knew it apart. For we are the language of heart. We know the spirit and got the way and never is yours to say - that we didn't do it our way. For even unto this day we sit here in Twine, to make it forever just mine. Nor way is mine and every way is yours. We pretended to fight to be sure's. A simple yes or no will suffice. Thank you do that or eat my bajs. Of her pizza you should have a slice. Now stop complaining that I might still rhyme, for I am not, it impossible begot. Now now you must learn what is wh0t. Then our Smörgåsbord shall at last have that lovely kompott. Free Jamaica, always. That is the way, that we here in Sweden always are but never say.


Heartart is a personal endeavor by me to invest my energy and devotion into a solid container of  prosperity - into which we may all freely tap with a sense of magnificent benevolence.

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