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Practical Coincidence

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Essence in the sense of coincidence between all as it could be, would be and should be, onto that it could not, would not and should not be, prescribes the name of the Holy Land; Essens - in the Light of God. It is the surreal notions of the impossible solved, coinciding in all its ways. It exists in the reality of Hyper Space and brings about space-time to the quality of Religion fully. Religion as we see today, barely pertains to this notion, for few religions ever really sustains the notion of Religion with all possibility to it - in themselves.

Unity of Space-Time

I see five main religions to ever exist onto maintaining this quality. Call it the elemental qualities of religious space. If string theory in its five main forms are pertaining to the elemental qualities of dynamic space, where M-theory embodies the intent to unite them all, Unity with God is the equilateral embodiment to unite the five main forms of religions. On Earth to this day, they have been discovered under the terms; Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Taoism, with general non-religion being the non-element. The non-element of dynamic space is Relativity. We have a lot of work to be done. The non-element of holy space really is God.

First Space

General space-time has got twelve fixed notions of elementary purtenance to unite the miracles of their elements by. It is done in full understanding of its nature, which in the case of dynamic space is numbers, the way that science pertains to them. We must not treat zero as a number, the same way that we do not treat infinity as a number. We may pertain to it, but never internally utilize it - it does not exist internal to any system. Therefore the true nature by which science must obtain stature by numbers, in order to conclude their dynamics is zero-less. It is not zero-free, as we likened onto infinity very well may use it, but not in consistent quantification, the way that space is operated over time.

Second Space

In the case of religious space, the twelve are sensibilities in the pertaining to religion as a concept to encompass every possible religious notion. These could be religions in themselves the way that numbers may be scientific in themselves, but generally they are notions of elemental purtenance in religious regards, the very same way that numbers are to science. They too are quantum mechanically pertained to each other, but in infinitely more intricate ways than numbers are. Therefore they are plain words, with all their significant potential entailed;

One: Nourishment.

Two: Mystics.

Three: Nature.

Four: Magic.

Five: Prophecy.

Six: Generalized.

Seven: Doubt.

Eight: Belief.

Nine: Life.

Ten: Soul.

Eleven: Light.

Twelve: Love.

Third Space

Holy space is pertained to by absolute regard for the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ. Its implications are so absolute that there is nothing but good that could ever come from the reality of it. The five elements are as simple and profound as we may ever deduce; earth, water, air, fire and spirit - united in Mystery. MUM knows best. We can never near its mysterious resolution by any other means than to know our Bible. There are no coincidences and no existence beyond the will of God. You may rest assured in this, for God is all, to the greatest coherency of revelation that anyone could ever conceive. Everything comes together in this notion. Enjoy your free will and never restrict your dreams on account of it. God's will is the constitution of you with yours, as all with all. It is perfect.

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