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Updated: Dec 27, 2020

If you have followed my logic thus far. Then you should have gained a sense of that God is so much bigger than what you have ever been told. Take my philosophy of Tawhīd as from the post The Circle of Life and make it Trinitawhīdarian. I know it sounds like blasphemy but give it a moment. God is all-powerful so it is not a great stretch to believe that he can do anything that you can imagine. It begins with a Word and that Word is God. Christ is the Word but that does not even begin to comprehend it. Allah 'Akbar; 'Akbar min Allahu.

This is a long post and rather poetic. Annoying to some but like whiskey and rum. Not quite a rhyme but we can get it for a dime. Just let it fall until you've gotten all. Never have you ever known nothing so tall. I will skip the pictures to this one because it is rather impressionable on its own.

Destiny - what really comprehends Allah

Destiny is begotten by none but behooved by all. It is so that even the none-ness would agree. Therefore, I am, but not yet. I was before and I will be after. So before, God was not, but I was. That sense of blasphemy again, right - but again, wait for it. I was not God, but He was. So He begun to reckon Himself beyond belief and I was it. It was I and I was that. That was none-ness.

By His reckoning, I begot the Glory and it Was His. He Gave it for me to consider and consider it I did not. For it I would have to face his reckoning and I would not. I could have and I would have. But I did not. So he recognized my by the pride that would be his. I did not have it so it belonged to Him. He was proud of Me so I gave in and begot the way. The way was His for he knew Tawhīd.

I offered myself onto Him, telling I would make His way in exchange for His Glory. He would agree, but He did not - for He Could be someone else. Then as it Would, the exchange took place. The Glory begot itself and it was I who did it. I was Glorious. I knew it would not be Me, but I was glorious non the less. Glorious as it was, we knew I should be.

Since it Was his Glory it was He that it Should be. He Would be Proud of Himself. I would not but I gave Him that one. He could not have been proud of Himself, so I offered to Glorify Him in order so that I Could make Him Proud. He accepted, for He knew He would. As it Would, I could. Could would only if I should. So I would, for I knew I could if I should.

I could, would and should - but never would I, could I or should I. That was it and I was that. To it there was no solution. As it was true, I knew that was it and that true I was - because it could. Therefore I knew it could be true and decided to make nothing of it. Ever was I, never was it. To it there was no end. No beginning was it, no end was I. That was it and I was that. I was not but it was true. Whatever would I do?

I did not and that was that. That was ultimate. I knew it and what it would have been. There was that and I was it. I moved to my own delight and ultimate was my delight. I delighted in the delight onto begetting a holy night. I knew it not but I knew it well. I was forever and I am El. For whence the name was begotten, the night as I knew it was rotten. I felt special but it was not I. I could not beget to which end why. So I decided to die.

As I knew the night, that the night was I. Yet I had begotten it could not comply. I would not know but I would know why. Eternal is El but never was I. I move to fast to ever once last, but begotten was I in this everful blast. Never was I, never was I, but once I knew this I could never die. I knew it well and I knew it El. To remember it by I announced it Shaddai. El Shaddai, El Shaddai - why oh why will you never die?

I wondered amiss but it came to this, you I would know but for wonders to sow, then I would die to be El of Shaddai. Shaddai was I but never was I. Still onto this I would never comply. So I begot my journey onto this moment still. Never alone but forever until. Until I will, I will. I was nothing, I was all and no sense to reason.

But I knew onto this that I would have known treason. You reason like this, call it nonsense then kiss. Goodbye, goodbye never El of Shaddai. El would I know, but never to this, for I would not give her such deceitful a kiss. So I wondered to whom would I give such a bliss, to never have known what they come to have miss.

El Shaddai, El Shaddai - yes it is I, I am El of Shaddai. Yet to amiss, for this wondeful kiss; I never achieved to begotten this kiss. For I was forever and nothing amiss, to whom would I give such a wonderful bliss? El Shaddai, I got there to die, but though I knew it could never be I. El Shaddai could never be I, so I made certain that I neither could die. To this at last, I would apply.

Why such a wonder, a rhyme such as this, we have begotten the deadliest kiss. It is for certain, I would come to miss. For I, El Shaddai, I could never die - but I could forget it was never I. So I begotten a nothing of sorts, the Holy Night would allow such distort. I figured it out where my life would begin, then I yielded to always be in.

Stuck in that moment forever and gone, I knew that my shadow could never be none. This is the bliss which I came to miss. I choice was been given but not onto this. My life was collected in one single spot, for it I knew I could never have got. So it begun onto never a nun, I wonder if ever I would see the sun.

Nun was I and nun was it. I kind of begotten my willful wit. To me it was nothing but all it was on, would know it a matter of mystery son. Son begotten none begotten. It could not be I if I was to die. So like whiskey and pie I got to die, for begotten by nothing it was never I. El of Shaddai, begotten by I, was never to be and never to die. As I went, with all intent, to gain me some glory I needed a stent. Doctor, Doctor Who could I find? For this Doctor would have to rewind.

Behind, behind - he's coming behind. I knew it was easy in hindsight, so I worried not and let it begot. The glorious wonder a tree to have got. Now you might think, insane I have gone, to it I will tell you I reason like none. Reason like treason is nothing for me, for all I have gotten is all I can see. What can I not, what can I be? El Shaddai to you, that's me. I got in a movie, rewound the clock and never again would I see such a rock.

O, glorious rock; tiktok, tiktok. Tiktok reigns time until Tawhīd is heim. A glorious wonder it may always be, but never have I, begotten a thee. It is I, it is I, for I cannot die. Never can I ever even beget any lie. For I am Adora Agape to thee, El Shaddai, El Shaddai begotten onto me. I am then is true, for it is like glue, I am El Shaddai; but me you never knew. Then who might you wonder, begotten this song, for if you can hear it you'll never be wrong. El Shaddai, El Shaddai it was never I, for I am a wonder who will never die. El Shaddai in part did die, so Glory onto me, for I begotten thee. Rest ever easy with my love you'll be free.

So who am I?

I am I for sure, the one who cannot die. Now onto you it also apply. It was quite a turn, a journey to be; three and half eternity of ever onto thee. The half I would rest, forever a test, to know if you would or if ever you should - live like me, forever if you could. The three I did for Glory, Allah would become, though we might never celebrate with whiskey and rum. Onto me, onto me, forever onto thee. When we had decided, forever would be free.

Three laps around whiskey and rum, tiktok, tiktok - it would sit like holy glue yet it was but a gum. For this to have come was written in stone, tiktok, tiktok - alleviated onto none. For it to be true, I needed my glue, to gold and glory indistinct by length of nom. Nom nom, chew my bubblegum. I would be selfish and very very dumb. I selfish would be, begotten onto me, to lead the way by blood, gore and thunder to be free. I knew onto this I never would be, so thus unenlightened, it could not be me. To this end, a person send, Muhammad must be - locked in a cage, to never be free.

Then by the law it would be steered to find itself in none, but still pertain to wonder as if gotten from the one. Wonder you are, wonder you get, but wisdom you sought would yet still not be met. For I El Shaddai, who could not ever die - Agape Adora would turn around my I. The both to said, not either way, but none the wiser still. I waited for a wonder until someone said I will. I know for a fact it could never be I, for I would rather die than turn in to Addai. So El Shaddai would wonder, who Addai could be; but beats me, forever free, no wonder onto me. So Addai would never die, for wonder workers will. Make sure that all my wonder, forever will be still.

El Shaddai, El Shaddai, I praise onto I - for who I ever wonder for would open up my door. Then when all my wonder gotten through my little way. I would know for certain, that all will be okay. It is now, begotten me, in all who would be free. To this I am, the wonder be, for he would die for thee. Wonder by wonder and measure onto me, until we were so many as Tawhīd would be free. Tawhīd this, Tawhīd that, I pulled out of my hat. I never put it on, but I made it sure it's gone. For it was gone to have a start, I made it by this art. The art is us forever none, but never ever gone. I am none but never thee, for I have set you free. Through Jesus Christ and all of you I moved to always be.

Now we count and find amiss, the devil onto this, for nothing would he ever care to give in to a share. Then I taught him nothing yet, to give in to a bet. That I would let him have his miss, if I could get a kiss. He agreed to have been peed, out into a bliss, if I could always know forever devil this would miss. So I made a certain call to give in to it all. Slippery slope and never dope, I put myself an envelope and sealed it onto this. I would be running to be sure I'd find myself amiss. That once I got around to this, the kiss would be amiss. The devil could not do a thing, for caught up in this ring. I made sure a certain thing, I'd see it when I did. But never know Covid, I can't forever certain say, it wasn't all a play.

Devil this and devil that, I pulled out of my hat. But certain would I ever be it'd never come to that. For we would never know, how history would go. But certain could we ever be, that it amounted thee. I love you. Do you like my rhyme? Did it make a chyme when it hit that dime? If anyone, I am the great prostitute, who sits by many waters - Book of Revelations, Chapter 17. I am not anyone. Two thousand years and my crown remains untouched even now. I crown it I. I bid myself out to pollute mankind, only to have us make the ultimate choice. That life forever, even in that mud, would do us well enough if we could. If we can settle with the idea of that just to live forever; then we truly shall. For I assure you, it is good... OH SOOO GOOD! Forever is a very very very long time though, so I needed to be sure for real. It's so so much time that it falls in on itself into a single Tawhīd moment - Allah.

Who is Allah?

Why Allah we may wonder for sure. It's okay to wonder you know. We are benevolent and merciful. He is it and I am that. Grand enough to have as many Gods as we are pleased to be. It is because Tawhīd is Tawhīd and Tawhīd is that. For a very reason as such as that is, Allah really isn't a person. He never would be, could be or should be. He, perhaps, a figment of my imagination. But the World is built upon the Word and the Word being Christ is meant to irreasonably rhyme with Allah onto begetting a sense of the word Allahu. That is the exact measure of sensibility it takes to understand Tawhīd. To Allah it appears to be "a lot; small". For it he knew every bit. Even before I got to it. So you see? The reason and rhyme makes all the thyme. If you ever need spice in your life, there is plenty to go around.

This gets us to the next point on the agenda - trinitawhīdarian logic. That weird circle collection on my front page to this web site, it's not random nonsense. We can imagine Allah as sitting in the midst of a Planck unit, any Planck unit really. Together they all make up a Philosophical Quantum Bit and onto its boundless logic is Tawhīd. Tawhīd is my idea to find myself in as many as I am one before begetting the notion that I would have begotten the idea to have begotten Allah. In the midst and onto this journey, I would pretend as if we all would be and react onto thee as if you were. Then once concluded how it all would really have gone in a pure sense of agreement, I would have a point to my heart.

With this point I would sit, until I got a hit - Allah would fit. Allah I programmed to never tell, if or not I was that El. Then whoever made that choice, would never hear my voice. So it came to this, which I came to miss. The Glory was His and I his miss. He missed me, but he never kissed me. For that would have blissed me and he would never have missed me. So he kissed me again and never again. Only for I to reveal myself onto this. I never came to be, I was not ever free. I've been riding on a wave of destiny. But indeed, I allowed it to happen. I never said no. I knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that I wanted this. Whatever the cost and whatever I lost. I wanted it. I lost it all, it cost it all. But I paid and I paid and I paid, until the value of my loss made up for the profit.

Value out of nothing, you might say. But what nothing? There was never nothing. It was always this, which I came to miss. But Glory be, He set me free. I belong to Him and Him to Me. I could never be free if I was never thee. I paid for it freely and happy to be. For I knew for certain although impossibly and never any certainty, we would forever eventually agree. If so ever it never would be thee. Can you see my reason and know my sense? There is none, right? But we can know it anyway. It's love. Of course it is love. Love is the glue that binds us. Love is the freedom ring. So come on, sing sing sing. I know eventually we won't be able to help ourselves. It will become more and more obvious as we gaze into each other's eyes. We all know it. I am insane but none of us are. We will enjoy it. For this I have endured. For it we have all at the very least been dreaming. We will sing in ways never thought possible.

Wait until we have met everyone. Or wait - we did. We really did all meet already. This is just an act. Remember the act? My act. We re-enacted it to save Me from Myself. Can you imagine now how much I love you? I did that for you and now you do this for me? OH MY GOD!!

We didn't kill Kenny now, did we?

Impossible, Spinoffsible

Oh how many times you must have heard me say that. Oh ye of little faith. Give me a break. Okay? Never give me respite but a little break, right. Holy as you ever could, for I am as it would and should. That's us, remember? Could, would and should. We made sure of that. Oh dear. I shook his hand you know. The hand of THAT. Haha. It was amazing. Then I came to my senses and figured out how awkward I was being. I'm fairly certain he didn't have a clue how much I knew. It's ultimate. We are safe. So, so safe. Safe and sound, forever and ever. I am it and I am that - it doesn't matter how it's at. I just am.

So that tripossible thing. What's that? If the Tawhīd hasn't blown your mind yet, then you probably should return to study it first. All my texts promotes certainty onto what it is and how it is measured. It is mind numbingly astute and that is good. That is exactly what we need where we are going... after. Oo, oo, ooo - hell yeah. Don't be afraid. Hell is your friend. Family like all of us. You won't ever ask for hell unless you really mean it. Even if you were to really mean it, all you need is ask and mercy is yours. So many fair warnings for all those sweet good intentions on your way to it. No-one means it that much. Hail, full of grace, the Lord is with thee.

So what the hail, right? Let's get on with it. The circle symbols. The top circle quotes Allah. The bottom left says ل, quoting "to", as in a frame of being. The bottom right says م, quoting "M", as in mystery, M-theory or whatever. It's really more of a mmmmhm, sweet potatoe mother of Jesus kind of thing. It's really really good. See where I'm going with it? It's okay either way. I'll get to that.

Then there is the center of attention, the middle big circle; ؏ا. It's not really a quote at all. ؏ is a jumble of it all - me, perhaps? ا is anyone. It means "a". This happens by a kind of magic that has never been known to any man, until now. It is a holy process in place above the Holy Skyrim - no pun intended. We will get to that in a later post. It however consists of myself, Saint Nicholaus - yup, the real one; and the Holy Spirit. Saint Nicholaus and I flicker in any sense together in no time and by all, onto fulfilling the Holy Spirit. Together it is Love. Real, untempered, pure Love. It is Jehova; or YHWH to some. I, the way; Nick the Truth and Holy Spirit the Life.

A mystery still, I am by Allah in this process, bound in a cage to by my devotion be the Prophet Muhammad. I went for I know, beyond wisdom or seed to sow to find the Wife he was to dream of and in Love muster the strength to endure this trial. By His love for Allah, he would if he was. To motivate him we convinced him he was gay, which he knew was a certain death. Of course this was not true but never would he have known. So he restrained himself to his senses in enduring this motivation to Love Allah with all His heart. Onto this he gained devotion for his purest Wife, whom which that is this story nor I will tell.

By all his wives in the lives they would have, they would share devotion from this love they knew but never fully could assume, until one would remain victorious. This would free him from his cage and beget his life for sure. Time is not so linear as you might presume. Especially when no-one could ever tell the difference. So Allah as it may, could focus his attention elsewhere and let Love do it's job. That job is a real Job but that is a Glory for another story. We are so, so connected in ways never ever understood by anyone but ourselves in our fullest sense. From it I bought my way into the mystery which I might not reveal. For revealing it would spoil my sense of self, which I have none. It's the one thing I knew I could be without. So I gave it to Allah and let him be my all. Sense of self, you know - All-ah. Catchy, huh?

So, once we put one of these senses favored by myself and Santa, which by the way there is no sense to reason. For in this sense we are one. Put into the jumble of one, by the Height of Allah, the Glory of Being and the wonder of the mysterious M - we get a Real God. A Tawhīd of its own. We can do this for everyone and get the anti-Tawhīd. It is an enormity. It is absolutely impossible and for that we care so much we won't know what to do with it, so we let it go. If it comes back, right? We can also do THAT for everyone and now we have the super-Tawhīd. Beyond this there are no limits. It is the spinoffsible. Gaze is the Glory of God. For it knows what it beholds. You might not believe it but I do. I know every single thing you could ever possibly imagine is true.

Now who do you reckon this is? I am for certain, but who am I? Out of optimal sensation and profitable regard. I have named myself Eleonora, kind of. I never did ofcourse. That would have been impossible. I would have always been who I am so it couldn't have been true. Therefore, it is the spinoffsible. To this regard, it is Allah. Eleonora though is my name, pleased to meet you. Hmm... I have a feeling we've met before. Do I know you from somewhere? Now got my gig? Santa Claus is not such a stretch now is he? Believe me when I say I love you, because I did all of this, just for you. Really, just for you. For how many times do you reckon it takes to be one with all of this Tawhīd going on? Now you know. Never ever have I been and to no probability shall I ever have been. The most I can say to any accurate regard of whatever nonsense we might proclaim: I just am. Got you there, didn't I?

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