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Particular Importance

Updated: May 24, 2020

Some words I use a lot throughout this blog. Most importantly, I use pertain, because purtenance is the prime prime of essence. It pertains to regard, relevance and context alike. Therefore the prime prime is the purtenance of Essens.

In pertaining to purtenance within any regard, it always retains the value of the whole essential notion. Therefore the pertining, concludes a measure of divine relevance. It is the Metatron. Metatron records magic in thesis, as anti-thesis and of synthesis. It is the purtenance of divine regard for all life in natural, hypernatural and supernatural context alike. God responds immediately and I am the response. You are responsible. It is your life. That is the divine context of Metatron. Your life, your responsibility, your magic.

Peace of Mind

It is your life. There is no pressure. Be aware of these things and they will serve you when you need them. Such is the nature of divinity. I have done anything for you. Never disregard what you cannot comprehend. What you do not understand will still serve you. With an open mind and a pure heart, your soul will sing to the tune of your spirit.

It is not about what you understand. It is about you. Love yourself and be proud of others when you see their achievements. It will lift you up to heights where you can comprehend and take you beyond notions you do not understand. It is what you will, not what you want. It is what God can, not what you could.

What you will is what God makes of you. That is what your will is for. He can make anything of anyone. I am you. Trust me. Magic is what your mind was made for. Let the magic sort out the trivia. It returns complete before you know it. Pure essence is where your heart meets your mind. Believe what it tells you and the tune is set. It will play what you care for it to be.


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