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Over the Top

Updated: May 6

Consider by a wonder, tawhīd is over yonder. Then would you see, it came to me, in order to be free? Then who am I to have delivered it onto the maker? The Lord of the Worlds I would come through, by tawhīd in everything in order to have You. But yet over yonder, remains the wonder. For who would I be, to set tawhīd free, if it could come to me but never see three?

Allah is the One God

Allah always was, always is and always will be tawhīd. That means that he is one. One God and no more ever could be. Imagine he would be tawhīd he'd merely close his eyes, for never would there ever be, for anyone to see. Then tawhīd would be mine. But I would not be. So I would have to make it up in order to give in. For all I ever could provide was always from within.

Therefore I knew I couldn't close my eyes, for it was indistinguishable however I'd provide. It was not tawhīd and I was not it. There was no I and nor was there. Are you there, He should have said if he would have and could have. Nor would he, neither could he, for never then he should be. But since then it neither should be, not ever could it would be. It was still. Still not it, still not I and still no tawhīd.

To it I made no sense, but with sense we would learn to love it and then it could be. It should be that way, even though it would never be that way. Then because it could be, that never would it would be. I made a call to make it all, before I would grow tall. No pride, no Glory, no nothing. There was no reason but nothing made any sense. No sense to it, no it to sense. No nonsense. With no nonsense I sensed it and no reason was it. I had it, so I made it. Right by that comma is where it all started from. Of course there was no reason to get it to have it, but He got it anyway and by and by that is the Prophet Muhammad and the distinction between us all. So Allah is God.

He would weave a carpet, bit by bit but always to a fault. Then by default in every fault, he'd make of it his right. That to the end, for it to mend, a prophet he would send. Light a Bolt of Lightning Below, it Glory from top Bestow. Now you know, why interest is bad, for it only bides our time. A time he'd pay, in every way. Even onto this day. God is already here you know. Can you seen any possibility whatsoever when he is not? Have faith; not interest. He knows your delight and it is meant to be now.

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