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Optimistic Positivism

Any state of anything, has its own terms. This post is not directly tied to positivism in the sense of Auguste Comte but could rather be said to conclude the three stadiums of His human thinking into a single stadium. This is the whole precept to the concept of optimistic positivism.

The Optimism

The moral sense of dignity is that there is a natural stance in everything we ever have to face in life. These are the terms of anything. We must always face them with positivity. This is the terms of responsibility. Responsibility is the ground state for communion - the state upon which any sound community is built. We are tied onto each other in a predisposition for communion. This is why reality sometimes seems to work against us, when in fact it is God working with us indiscriminately.

By this tie and onto that fact, we have supernatural power. It is not necessary to understand this power, but we can. It is about priority in the face of adversity. As we render all negativity onto the Glory of God, all priorities resolves to the regard we have for responsibility. This power is personal with a diversity reflecting our true regard. I have personally resolved every power so that we will not have to. In the light of the super quality of our coincidences with regards to them, it is pure hell to solve and I do never recommend it. Even so, without proper motivation it is impossible to achieve. I am God's advocate if you will.

The fact it has been resolved is evident fairly early on would you ever seek it. That qualifies as a given de-motivator in pertaining to the hardships involved. It has been done, to the tooth. As we live with this regard, we are confident. Confident to face adversity with optimism. We will even begin to appreciate it. We are going to love each other unconditionally. As we catch wind of the true priorities, we will be capable of truly enjoying life. Life will literally be a breeze upon the wind of change. With society built upon the terms of this love, we beget a flow in the eternal civilization, bound together by all.

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