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On Moral and Meaning

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

We do not share the intricacies and basic data for what these variables mean. I do not intend to use them as placeholders for significance of any kind. Instead I will purposefully blend them together in hopes of that the superimposition will promote the freedom of thinking that I deem them both to be about.

Imagine the reality of God; as well as possible. Imagine then that it is superimposed upon itself by the possibility for it to be morally and meaningfully responsible before all that it was and ever would be. In the perpetual conduction of this state from this state, it would be infinite in the truest of senses. This raises a lot of questions, which I recognize that many might not understand. That is ok - don't give up on the train of thought.

A benevolent God would immediately recognize that it is responsible before all the other itself that were to spring from this coalition. Instead of trying to rule the bits and pieces of what got us to this plexus, it would accept each bit for what it initially was - God. There is no arguing with God and in knowing this, it could either decide to be supreme or as it would, let everyone run their course until separated by naught but its ego.

This is what God should have done. Namely this is whom I call Allah. God can always do this and as we do - we might reap the reward for its benevolence. Letting everyone else do this too, is mercy. Those are the two qualities of a true God; on the basis of the science I have just proclaimed - divinity.

It is science because it can be tested, refuted and developed in a systematic approach to knowing it. Myth, religion and science - these are the arrow of time. Superimposing moral and meaning objectively above them to such a conclusion, should serve as a magnifying glass above any topic. It can be done to any wonder. This is the second rule of magic: conceptualization. Along with the first, presented in the previous post - Magic and the Mind; it completes the purpose and outcome of moral and meaning: responsibility.

When we stand for all the pieces in each of the rules of magic, we own our own empowerment to the end of any realization. As hosting the myth, religion and science of the one God, all the pieces that might ever come together can do so in its own divinity. Knowing this is to know God. Nothing about God to be sure.

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