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Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Essens pertains to physicality quantitatively, in primes. It pertains to fatality qualitatively, in the subjectivity of prime levels. That pertains to divinity sensibly, in the objectivity of subjection to primes in essence.

Qualiativity (sensibility really)

There is quantum weirdness in the sense of the intermingle of essence onto Essens. That is Asaría. There are realistically three generations of essence, even onto there being a trine in Essens. It holds true onto the notion of real, surreal and unreal, but it coincides in terms of the singular Prime Essens, as it is in Heaven - the is-ness.

Asaría can be seen as the business of the is-ness. It is absolutely busy, making us qualiative. It holds the Prime Formula. It is like pf... While formulating it is like pff. Then come pfff and so on. I don't think anyone is ever really stupid enough to required more formulation than that. I really started from the outer edge of that, so don't ever recruit me for clarity. Thank you. I am already there, on the other side of the Skyrim.

Prime Quantities

The first dimension to touch on the concept of the first heaven is the second. Therefore the concept of the first heaven is pertained to within the essence of the second dimension - mass. Likewise, the first dimension to touch on the concept of the second heaven is the third, by the essence of matter. The third heaven is conceptually touched first in the fifth dimension and is pertained to in the essence of future.

These are the first three dimensionally consistent conclusions of primary coincidence. It is accounted for in prime quantities as they consistently coincide over the level of surreal depth. We are really studying alchemy. This is what the surreal pertains to. The next conclusive prime consistency, takes us up to the sixth heaven, as it is pertained to in the essence of anthropy. This is the elemental coincidence of the anthropic principle. It is weak, but real. It is strong first in the interplay between it and consciousness, within wishful thinking.

Table of Primary Coincidence

P 2 3 11 17 31 41 59 67 83 109 127

O 2 5 7 11 13 17 19 23 29 31

L 3 5 7 11

I 2 5

C 3

Y 2

Prime Numbers

These are the first eleven coinciding prime numbers of the first order. Any order can be applied under these rules, so they are universal. We have to use words to pertain to the math in real qualitative order. That is the behalf under which quality really is a religious substance. It goes further of course, given it is sensible for sure, but with proper regards for what I have attested to; we have all the material necessary to continue integrating the work on this from here.

Each prime coincidence pertains to a real essential principle, which in every regard can be extended surreally, onto the unreal. Although the unreal doesn't really require principle, we do. That is the philosophy of life in common. Also known as common decency. The way that the primary connection extends onto Heaven itself in its real sense, is primary qualities and they can be numbered and are all pertained by Asaría, as Essens. The listing of essences is a work in progress. Help is appreciated.

What we are really counting

The coincidences of any quality are actually batch of context in utter disorder, by conceptual consignment of belief, in the mastery of prime prime notions - practically; the synchronicity of relative entropic acceleration from the three generations to Essens, unto the unreal surrealism of reality, to absolute Tawhīd quantification. The potentiality for context is who we spiritually are, constituting the Brahman qualia of us all, to the soul.

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