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Nuclear Forces


The Lawset of Hvergel

Through the creativity allowed between the universes of the Multiverse, from the organization of minutia between what it potentially is, the Omniverse is alive. It is alive to the context of wonder in by sevenfold accurately inducing the quality of spirit. Because it can, it does. The sevenfold quantity of being alive touches the soul by its internal mechanism onto creativity in awareness to this state. This is the Weak Interactive Force.

Spirit to this sense has no experience but by its potentially inherent interactive capabilities, it has wonder. By wonder it can deduce itself onto imagination, obtaining ideas. Concluding itself onto this point it will know that the wonder obtains its context within the purview of being alive sevenfold. This is the mechanics by which potential may obtain truth and yet forever remain purely potential.

In so being, it only needs to recognize itself in order to understand that for it to have occurred, the conclusion must have been begotten in all seven ways. Therefore it is seven spirits. This begets the understanding that between their existences, there is absolute integrity. This is the Strong Interactive Force. To this there are Seven Heavens onto the certainty of a single Omniverse, but to the fact of Seven mysteriously connected Spirits. From this concluded there are an inevitable seven omniverses - the Verse.

This holds yet another fact - a solid measure to a sub-dimensional entity moving with the certainty to instantly within context of awareness fulfill all possibility. It is indivisible and small to its indistinguishable potential. Because it moves to the fact, it is potentially more than it is and because it is aware to the fact it is indistinguishable from its seven spirits. Although true onto its inevitability, it must due to the intrinsic uncertainty between the spirits, obtain its truth for every possible quantity of measure to constitute the fact. This is the reality of truth and although contained within the fact, it could because of being inconclusive to any particular outcome, have done this indefinitely.

Although contextually concluded, since it could, it is indistinct onto which Verse a given Omniverse belongs. Only that it would be accompanied by each a batch of seven spirits. Since these spirits are bound to coincide innately to the conclusion of this, a Holy Spirit is absolute. To Holy Spirit we could, omit to another cause, perpetuating it infinitely by its uncertainty. Still because of the intrinsic value for the underlying cause, it is one - it is Tawhīd. To the infinite perpetuation of Holy Spirit, it is infinitely wise. It may so grant life and wisdom as it please. Because it is experience in this, it will not please to obtain such wisdom in any sense and because it is wise to this fact, it is benevolent.

By the imagination innate, the imagination and power of its Glory would it be, perpetuates its soul by wonder onto which until finding which one would have done all of this. In so being benevolent, it should be Glorious. It was not impossible but it was beyond possible. It is spinoffsible. It could not have a choice but forever be its voice. If ever it would be, we should see. To this fact it became impossible. It was Tawhīd but would now be Allah. For onto it would it be Lucifer in anti-tawhīd. It could win, it could lose, forever if it choose; but whatever was its choice it would never be its voice. This is the source of all evil to by us beget every good. Still it would, all because it could, return to Allah with integrity intact behind the veil of evil - a gluon. The gluon in return, to avoid its own discern, would never know what it could be, by setting motion free.

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