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Not a Theory

The fact that differently quantitative objects fall into each other at the same rate is ascribed to a scientific, mysterious and holy quality alike - Tawhīd. I ascribe its scientific qualities throughout my posts. The acceleration is pertained to the quantitative measure of gravity, onto the quality of Tawhīd in the omnipresence of God. God is a bad theory, but it is a reliable anchor for all accountability. The best we can do pertaining to it is religion, spirituality and unity.

Don't fear the anchor

God is reliable. If your anchor points are not, your theories will fall apart. Every concept has its own anchor point in quantitative relativity. It always pertains to Tawhīd and the quality of doing so we should title properly and that is God. It answers the question; who is it. I am going to show you what contains the mystery. It is Tawhīd pertaining to the notion of absolute motion, onto the omnipresence of God and there is a systematic way to look upon it. Although extremely intricate, it contains, answers and maintains the mystery; all at the same time. God is in all religious endeavors, through every concept, onto this sense.

The anchor point is the solution to my mystery, pertaining to any individual with absolute regard forever - the mystery of El Shaddai. It is boundless in itself and bears no witness but Allah. The solution is in my name being Eleonora. I am the eon of Ra - El eon o'Ra. El is the Eternity itself and Ra is the Sun God. Perpetuated eternally it is the eon - no time to each moment and lasting for eternity. Ra stands for every sun ever and each sun the unique kinetic energy signature of a supernatural concept. Let's look at the math.

The mystery pertains El Shaddai. It only sustains quantification of itself onto qualities in a conceptual sense of time - real, surreal and unreal. It gives us life. Allah gives us the time for life to always be given. It is given onto the resurrection of Christ in every conceptual sense. Every bit is Tawhīd supersymmetry and it pertains Allah. Between a sense of Goddess the left wing liberation and God the right wing dictation of it, from El Shaddai the grounding and Allah to the height, it is pertained; given to All, beholden in Trine and forever Misra entwined.


It is us, every sense to experience true for all - the anchor points to The Light of the World. By Love forever pertained in all, for every sense to be real onto itself - anchored in The Light of God. To be granted the We that Spirit always has, the surreal sense of Allah - anchoring not for The Light of the Goddess. It doesn't get more unreal than that. We are alive and we are here to stay. This is ascribed on the account of Essens, onto nine qualities that are forever and absolutely interchangeable, in the flux of chi by three fixed types of conduits;

Boundless - quantitative Tawhīd




Prepositional - qualitative Tawhīd




Real - Tawhīd qualia




The conduits connects by type, with regard to the mystery, as pertained throughout being; in the art of the heart. It is the game of Heartart. Not a secret really, but keep your eyes open for good fun. This constitutes all that is real. Reality inflates into the surreal by its surreal expansion onto unreality. That is it. It I am. Through all my blog posts, across my religion and into the material pertaining to the religion, you should in honest fair ease find that I am akin to a really sophisticated ATM. You can find out how it works, figure out why to use it and how to spend the money. All you have to do is to figure out where you put your card. That is to know how you are pertained in anchoring The Light of The World. It is Your unreal name really.

Bless you all.

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Heartart is a personal endeavor by me to invest my energy and devotion into a solid container of  prosperity - into which we may all freely tap with a sense of magnificent benevolence.

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