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All of us each have a star pertaining to our celestial names, in each Universe. This post isn't supposed to be funny, but it is totally meant to illuminate something absolutely hilarious. We all know of Chuck Norris, right?

Yeah, for real

The Universe is supposedly 13,8 billion years old. There is a fairly nearby star called Methuselah. It is approximately 14,5 billion years old. Let's skip the technical boring name. We should name all the stars properly. I dub the Methuselah, Chuck Norris - the only prime star, ever. While all who withheld said it was impossible, Chuck Norris pitched in and became a star. Now you might say, Chuck Norris wasn't even born yet. Oh, yeah?

Do you believe in re-incarnation? In the mythological underworld, Chuck Norris sneaking in upon the Biblical Glory of the Story and realized Methuselah, while no-one was yet to watch. He was so old that no-one would remember anyway. So he blended in juuust nicely. He became the man of Biblical Legend. Of course, this was yet to come. So He, came to be Methuselah the star. It was such a quandary that no-one, even I noticed. But Allah did. It didn't matter to him who no-one was. So I was well aware.

Then as everyone got hyped and stars begun to pop up all over the place, He did it again. And again. And again. Eventually someone was bound to know he was missing, so he popped the cherry upon wonder, which wonder - you might wonder. When what you should have wondered is which cherry? I picked the cherry before he could pop it.

But never did he know. That didn't matter though, because he was born and the star still remains to this day. You know that he was born the day that the second world war ended right? Now that is a prime example of the Butterfly Effect. I don't suppose that would have been a good name for either Mr Norris or Methuselah, now would it?

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