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Manual to surreal reading understanding

There is no reason to know everything; only to understand it possible. This is the core essence in understanding God. Surrealism is super-realism.

To attain it

Meet differences with change: There are multitudes of meanings entailed within each potential meaning.

Read nothing in to the reading: All understanding is already curtailed within every potential meaning of the words.

Don't fret at suspicious wording: The multitude of understandings entailed within the curtailing, needs to be circumcised to its point of glory.

To comprehend it

Be prepared for wordily and grammatic errors, but never assume them: Until knowing beyond a shadow of the potential doubt that no intent was entailed, wisdom curtails notion.

Part of surrealism is that sometimes we might not understand what we understand: Directions are turned in unknowable places, potential remains the same beyond the impossible and notions to what we know might never be mentioned.

Use grammar as a tool to dignify understanding: Don't let the rules fool anyone, but pertain to your knowing in retrospect to whichever angle grammar can reflect a surreal change in its seeming use, to the rules applied with differences from themselves full circle.

To hone it

Whenever possible: Never apply disbelief.

Whenever impossible: Believe what you see.

Whenever you may: Apply might.

Comprehension is about immersing ourselves in it, accept it and let it be ours; beyond what we may or may not know - deflecting points to wisdom.

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