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Magic and the Mind

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

The difference between emotional thinking and mental thinking is in the density of information. Once the critical mass for a solid grasp has been achieved, the heart lets go. Then the inquisitive mind takes over.

The mind's role is to process position in a personal stand. The heart does not involve mind, because it already knows how all the information pertains to everyone. As soon as our heart dictates a regard for a personal stand, the soul takes over. The soul will by every applicable wonder remain inquisitive, until it becomes the mind in a momentary transfer in which the spirit of the individual accepts the responsibility for the information.

Once the mind is defined by the individual, it integrates with the spirit, by which information the grasp of the heart confines it to its just locality within the soul. From there operates the wonder relative to its position. It is applicable as what is right and wrong. We only know this when we have accepted the heart plainly.

We all use the same tools of the mind, but the spirit is bound to the soul by its right and wrong. It is established by what is true between us. Truth as it does not adhere to negative is only applicable in the momentary transfer of the mind. This is due to that truth in the light of the soul is either true or not. On the level of the soul we must concur.

This fact persists in a triple division onto the real, the potential and the temporal. The trine at its core is all as it could be, would be and should be. This potential is true as it was destined. It wouldn't be any other way. The point of connecting the trine with the triple is a holistic flux which culminates into a Holy Trinity. It is the buffer of reality - Eternity.

Eternity is in a constant flux over the culmination of the Holy Trinity, between time and its boundless past. The chance for each entity to be caught in the midst of this flux is once per individual. By the purity of this transference in pertaining to the wonder of the soul, we are apt to make decisions that wholly stand in the regard for all. This is because our regard is true.

With decisions made in the regard for this pertaining, the flux of the trine performs a Holy measure onto eternity, by which reality magic really occurs. The states of this flux is deemed wit by the triple division, because it is what must be consigned to in order to always be right. We cannot keep up with wit lest we navigate with godspeed. In it there is no judgement but God's. It does not happen at any time. All mention otherwise is founded on metaphor in which God's might must be allotted in order to carry a perspective on its reality. God does not operate in time.

The allotment of God's might is purpose. We can assign any purpose to either outcome. This is the first rule of magic, consisting of reality and potential of the triple. This rule is magically feckless and does not carry any weight; merely holding it. It is first when we presume not to be God that the third triple of the trine is induced - time. Time connects purpose and outcome in the buffer of reality, where every truth exist. We can touch upon the buffer with belief - which is where the buffer and eternity sets apart. Eternity can never be touched. Touching eternity is the touch of the buffer.

Whenever eternity is touched, we create an outcome. The purpose is the touch. Time is the belief we have on the buffer. It is absolutely we, for we can not overcome the purpose of the people. It is the I that all consideration should be reflected upon. The I in team - where all magic begins.

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