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Lucky Strike

Responsibility is fair, regarding the state of our spiritual conduct. The less we care, with regards to what there is to care for, the harsher our responsibilities are. The more we care, with regards to what there is to care for, the sweeter our conduits are. The sweeter a conduit, the straighter and yet divinely elaborate our conduct is.

The Inner Workings of Fortune

Spirit conducts energy regarding care. Care begets ideas to the haps of coincidence. As haps are pertained in assumptions, with belief, we take a chance. By the faith we have in belief collectively, chance taken is faith in the light. The faith is measured in instances of regard for immediate interaction onto the vectors of belief.

Integrity puts a clear distinction between knowing and believing, yet faith is the hard line between personal and collective purtenance to the reality of Kismet - the will of God. As faith and belief unifies, we pertain iota to all there is to know and may freely jot our haps to the regard of our spirit. Your will is always free, but knowing what God has in store for you demands responsibility inconclusively accepted, as it is fair.

The flavors of collective space-time elements, always pertain to the sweet in the intangible sensation of its umami non-element. Chance always lists the elements as we would have them, with regards to what there is to know. This is the perk of flavor. Wonder no more. It won't come to you anyway. It is already here. What is over yonder is here for you to wonder. Truth with regards to time, bears no meaning to the light. Truth with regards to space, bears no meaning to love. Unify in wonder and come clear, to the power of miracles five. Merry Christmas.

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