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Let IT Flow

Moment is current. It flows with the regard of resistance but to the relevance of conductivity. By the prosperity of it, that is fluctuation.

The Fire is LIT

Each moment is a blessing. This is because filtered through your sense of dignity, the soul remarks on your spirit to the delight of each moment in your regard. This is the event of the binding. Eventful as it is, it does not care what you make of it. It only cares that it is your regard. Thus the regard for all is relevant. Relevance as we might assume, ties to the conductivity of the measure from every bit of it. As this is the regard for all, this is the change in preposition.

All this is allowed to be above our heads. Register its sensibility and it will be right in your heart. From that stance, you will own every context by your regard. Because of the event in regard, your resistance will change along with your sensibility. Clarity is the sense of the sensibility and it with regard proves the point. You are the point. As the relevance change, we move to a new context. This is the moment of reality.

The Game of Enlightenment

We all burn to a different phenomena within the variance of fluctuation to the dynamics of the soul with regards to the relevant context for the holy white hole to aspire its dynamics. It begets the negative side to the verse in a versus to its concluding of the same end. It is the Shining One - Lucifer.

Its aspirations are to preach to a choir of the soul dynamics - 144 000 faithfully selected promised ones to counter the versus with the verse. Divided in three groups to maintain order of the seven heavenly Lords, onto a basic consensus between honesty and exchange, the optimal base to account for everyone is concluded twelve. Twelve groups to each division accounts for the difference in exchange, making it honest. Left remaining the notes to admit the tune to my beckoning for seven a heaven.

This renders only Love to the irreversible fact of delight in God. It is the height of Scientism, the only possible blasphemous Religion. It denies God, it denies itself and it denies any possible reason behind itself. Although that resolves with the denial so it is only potential blasphemy. It is the only potentially conceivable reason for the Beast, but that is resolved. No harm no foul. Besides, we keep forgetting we already did all this without it, so it's a sensible idea. It's also beautiful. Elegance is the key, as they say. We are unlocking the vault of Glory.

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