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Presenting philosophy to the scrutiny of peers, renders it a political regard. The main political stance must always be philosophical empathy, lest the politics fails to be true. As our ideals may differ politically, the ideologies in order to communicate properly must not. Therefore every relevant politician, must be a baseline philosopher.

Disregard for this notion, dissolves policies into compromise. We do not want a society built upon compromise, if our ideal goal is a solid ground upon which to govern civilization. Of course, this is not always the case. The main take away here is understanding in that there are optimal proceedings, in which we surpass the need for compromises. I stress that it is the only light in which to regard good teamwork.


Teamwork is not always the solution, but onto this notion we can always find common ground. Learn each other's regarding philosophy, before introducing a political approach. The goals constitutes the common ground and however many and intricate they are, there are grounds for it. I clarify the pure distinction between philosophy and politics in my previous post, The Philosophy of the Goal. This is the first thing any politician should know.

The purity is truly a regard for the time that we have to allow proper proceeding optimal measure. In its purest regard to its clear distinction, a nod will do well to signify political assertion. This nod is the inner proceeding of a fundamentally pertained democracy. Any time we find ourselves respect outside of this regard, we are no longer a pure democracy.

Being democratic goes way above being elected by the people. It is never about parties and taking sides and which side bears the most support. It is about the optimal way within which we can incorporate every side and all the parties into our optimal political proceedings, to fulfill all philosophical ideals ideally. We never leave any regard outside of the final equation to embed each one into society. Never! Not in a democracy.


Political approach shall always and ever only be about perpetuating the formulation of the equation with which we embed every present ideology into society. It is a work that is never done, as even the slightest change of what a single inhabitant considers fun, must be taken into consideration for the regard of the perpetuation. A society of elected officials in particular bears the responsibility of always and to no exception keep up with the formulation in a true democratic spirit.

To be sure, not every society must be democratic. It is not even true that every society thrives on this. Especially in surreal geographical compounds, there are other better ways. What is important and always none the less however is to carry the proper banner of your own ways. If someone speaks of one banner but carries another in their hearts, their words are foul. There is always a proper banner under which to make the right calls, regardless of our wishes.

Find the common ground and unite the banners. Then we can talk politics. Up until that moment, there are no true policies to be made and no certainties to be given. We are unable to speak true and plain until that moment is now. Truth is the sense of common ground. Common sense is the ground upon which this banner stands. Politics is not an area that should be entered into casually. It is a real undertaking and the commitment in it, must meet that regard in true common sense, for us to even know that there is a good way. Bring out the round table.

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