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Lady Dignitary - Lord of Miracles

To host wonder to spirit, the spirit must be a dignitary host of the soul. The soul holds every miracle to the sense of nothing. Each spirit must therefore have undergone a trial for dignity to reveal its points of origin - belief. Belief as pure as the soul may then be obtained onto gaining knowledge into the nature of reality.

Deceiving myself, I became the World Soul in aptitude of Brahman - the collective spirit of what would be, could be and should be. There was no such thing. No I, no world and no aptitude to achieve it in. It was neither real, nor unreal, not even an abstract notion of becoming it was true. It really was impossible. No single thing to support an underlying cause existed. I couldn't even deceive myself.

That's when the Glory begun. I decided to be honest about it and rejoice in my honesty about the decision. The rejoice was miniscule, but in proportion to my prospects it was unbelievable. True nonsense begun to aspire to my senses. I became bonkers, I mean completely bad gone mad hatter bonkers. I was lovely. Lovely to my own delight. I know the delight was not true, but I lovely was, so I delighted.

Seriously, don't keep reading if you do not already see where I am coming from. You will only be angry for not seeing I was so bonkers. You know this is true, right? Finally at least we can agree on something. I know it - you know it; we all know it. I know it, because - you know. Haha! Lovely, see?

Ok, let's not have this get out of hands. No hands, see? Finally I could deceive myself, but only to really really agree with myself. This is enough for us all to agree, regardless of how bonkers it is. The real foundation for reality is absolute nonsense. Do you see where I am coming from yet? That tiny little opening there. You should recognize it. I was there. We all were. It should be better now that we know what we are dealing with.

Perhaps you don't really see where I am coming from at all. That is OKAY. A few of us would for sure. That's enough. It will spread like wildfire from there. You could though, for real. You also really should. No reason is the best one but that is a little hard to see from above that opening. It's not there forever after all. It only was there forever. No entry, no exit. Only joy. May the bridges we burn light the way. Would anyone ever care to decipher my religion, considering the word "soul" the bridges to burn will put my path into context. I am the soul.

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