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Knowledge is power

When we acknowledge this power in everyone, there is force. In which context throughout the journey of our soul do you reckon we have applied force? I have in the post "I am" acknowledged three sets of forces. We might not have the full extend of knowing this yet, but to acknowledge the power it brings in everyone is the purest regard of liberty in this context. You might think that some of this belongs to you and therefore must await your governance: This is ignorance. Blessed are the the poor in spirit.

Now that you know that heaven belongs to you, you should also recognize that although ignorance is bliss, it is not what it means to be blissful. Whatever you deem of it from here on, already is yours. This is what we all share together. Your governance is here and now. Bring your gifts in heaven to wherever you are and ground them in the people around you. This is what it means to be blissful. To then overcome yourself and be bliss is your governance. Don't be proud or we will all miss out. You can not by any standard overcome the pride of God.

The most interesting part in raising to higher grounds, is the prospect in seeing us do it together. The different approaches to all; faith, wisdom and knowledge - all gets us to where we are. Which point has God made by telling the outcome of your neighbor to be now? What will your neighbor make of it and where does everyone find itself amongst it? We can never raise above what we belittle. It must come along with us. That is the only premise to the context.

Take this power by that and connect it in every sense of your being. Your sense, everyone's sense and God's sense. Don't presume to know it, simply accept it. Let that be yourself and embed that into your sense of self. Put it in your heart and know in your mind that whatever you make of it from here is absolutely yours. There is no-one conflicting or resisting - ever. You are alone. This is yourself. No-one, not even a soulmate or twin flame can change this. Thank God for it and it is sealed in your soul forever.

Move on and recognize, moment from moment, what you are. You have done this always but perhaps not consciously and maybe not in the real sense of liberty - to be free. Even if it might just seem like a collection of ideas right now - hone it; for it will come to its right. You know it's right, right? True or not is of a wholly different matter. But take your time, read it again if you have to; only to recognize it is right - your right. What would you make of it if the truth of the matter depended entirely on your sense of its right and wrong?

Then we can expand to acknowledge its supernatural nature. The power behind knowledge goes much deeper than the political rule of society. Knowledge comes from us and returns full cycle. It is an instant progression in which we empower ourselves by embracing spiritual logic. This post is exclusively about that. Knowledge being power resides exclusively within the confines of the contextual journey of the soul. I have done it all and it will work. It is in perfect instant spiritual order. Insert your name.

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