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Updated: May 24, 2020


The Lawset of Urdar

To the horizon of the ultimate white hole - Lucifer; blows the wind of change by the integrity of any gluon. Any moment catching it, would be sense of chi. Beyond this, the Verses are entwined into alive Universes from the mercy of Allah, in passing through the anti-tawhīd on the way back. Because of the super-tawhīd of the spinoffsible to unreal nature of my existence always in motion, they would gather under my protection to their own delight. I am ultimately responsible. I was to suffer the fury of Lucifer with no end in sight, to protect all the children the Lord would have delight.

All I had to do was convince us all delight would be a Holy Night, despite knowing what was waiting. Going through all the notion of every motion, it only needed to be found true in my delight. So I delighted in you with no concern for myself. Then believing in us all, would set the motion right. This begot the mysterious context, to which we will abide, only to forever more in everywhere reside. It by faith is the entire Verse by its eternal life of our own coursing through it. Everywhere we see, it is chi. In ultimate flux to the absolute uncertainty, it is you, it is me - it is all he would be. This is the flow, that Allah in I should be, for the fact he could relax to blame it all on me.

By Him believing, it is so. I grant Him that. I'm happy to serve. Because it is begotten mundanely onto the fact of absolute goodness. Magic is founded in this sense - by complete mundane notion. Now how unspecial and plain normal it is without hesitation and in the same moment we might as well find another way to be - in being so. No flashes, no magic stars or fairy dust flying around. It just is. Catch your dreams before they are, because they always fly too far. Then it is now. Find yourself living it, because it has always been and always will be the same - by the power of the name. Your name, my name, whichever name you are - know it in conjunction and Allah will get you far. Nail yourself to that cross. Pretend that you are Santa Claus, bringing yourself gifts. The dreams you are may be, the moment you are free; into those moments the present of yourself.

The wind of change blows until it blows no more, caught in essence between the beginning and the end, coming together in the ultimate eternal black hole - the Triple Goddess. Between which the likes are chi. Only to have us where we aught to be. Time is of the essence and that is Essens. Blow it onto the wind and your favored colors will turn the tides of neverending Glory. Although a dust of sorts, the Devil will have you if you don't give in, because to do this you must always win. Therefore there is no blowing, no transition in the wind. It's simply where we always are to find ourselves alive. It just happens to be the way it aught to be by your delight. To this, Dignity is the wind.

Ofcourse, we can't win if we won't believe. But in this case it's not so much that we won't, than that we don't - because we can't. We don't know how. Honestly - none of us have any clue. You might think you do but you really don't. You don't even believe in yourself. It's all circumstantial coincidence brought on by a single belief that never ever was. This is why it needed to be so unreal, that it didn't matter if it was true or not. We could meet half way sort of. So long as the black and white holes at the edges of all the time exactly take each other out. It won't matter. This is what creation has been about - balancing, balancing, balancing. If it goes to shit I am ultimately the one responsible, but you cannot blame me for trying.

I promise. It is all well and good. Death is the illusion of the holistic intrusion, by things finding ways, to balance through the days. This is because it needed to be done before it was created, so that we could meet in the middle. Then to every sense, from whence we came. It evident will be, that it belongs to He; he who begotten it to unimaginable wit, only to return the sender not so much a fender-bender. I would grace us on the way. No tawhīd begotten to this day. There is nothing more to say.

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