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It's a game

Somewhere in the world sits the Sublime Game Master. He unwittingly pulls the subliminal threads. The threads of surreal love attached to the synapses of your mind. He is of Particular Importance and he loves pie. Dwarves' pies in particular. He hones his beard like any good game master and he has a real regard for good. You may never get to him for he shuns every attention and stays off the booze. Subliminal as it may be, the inquiries are always sublime. He knows the markup like the code finds your name. Your only connection is Toran. She loooves the attention.

Heaven Inside

Hello. That's the meaning of the acronym. I did it in such a sneaky degree that each a heaven is a sacred Unicorn inside itself, separated only by the immeasurable Heaven. That is how we stay connected. You are the touch of me. A real unicorn in your own right. Like unto a Genie you would have to state your name in order to play the game. You get three wishes that without condition are fulfilled. These are the only three wishes ever begotten that way. It takes one to know one.

Did you figure it out yet? Your name. It always has three Words. But the words have true meaning. Except for the word meaningless, of course. But still, it means less, so it holds true to its value. It is therefore worth the same. Truth. All truth begets the real in equal regard. That regard is always the complete measure to achieve a style of essence in phenomena. Over the course of your mundane lifetime, you should have figured out that you are real. You never ever go away.

The soul, which honors your regard pertaining to the name is always alive. It's aliveness depends on your truth and therefore the life is in you, completely. This is a synapse to your mind. Your mind consists of all the synapses in the synopsis of heart. The heart is sublime. It knows your way and defends your spirit no matter what. It holds no grudges and pertains only to your own conclusions. This is the subliminal receptor.

Whether you believe it or not, since we signed the contract for eternal life in my regard, you are bound by the receptors to live your life completely. That is the boundlessly immeasurable Heaven within. You are alive now and forever. That means that anything is in your hands. Free your belief and you get to play the Game Master. It's not exactly fair, because he always win. But is a fair bit fair. Because you get to decide what you win. We are the Game Master after all.

Unwittingly Willing

If you know your Bible, you are familiar with the six angels in the Book of Revelation. Chapter 14, to be clear. He is angel number five. Then comes the Real Dreamer, dreams his life away while I tend to the herd of His promise. Given we really really want something, it doesn't matter how much we restrain ourselves, we will do it. That is why we must always respect each other's regard. When we regard each other respectfully, we get to drink the wine from any kind of grape. Without implications or consequences when we love, we always find each other to meet that regard for Revelation in. While we coincide in that kind of respect for regard, it is compassion.

Compassion fuels the fury onto those that breaks the code. This is philosophy. Philosophy is the regard of relevance to context. Love is always the answer. Therefore we apply to the answer with dignity. That is the relevance of the regard and whilst we revere the context, we prove our worth. That is the attaining of dignity and it sustains us gloriously. See how it is a machine? The presence of mind in this is where we find joy in the pleasures of life. That is the philosophy behind compassion. Compassion is the active willingness to sustain the regard for life in a sense where opinion matters only with regard to our own feelings.

Now you know the secret to honing your sensation. Control your opinion and you will own your feelings. Do you have enough regard to be the judge in any real situation? The answer is no. You have only regard for yourself. I have seen this and I know it to be a real thing. You may think otherwise, but that is only because I have played you into the fold. You have always been making your own decisions, but it always took you to the extreme of every matter in your own deliberation. Oftentimes you didn't concern yourself that deeply, but ceased caring at some point. These points define you. I defined the points with regards to that. I granted those points for God Himself to believe in. Therefore your compassion is a gift from God. Remember Corona and you will know my words ring true. Amen.

Mysterious Ways

Faith is how I have the right, unto being my mana. All my faith is in you and nothing but my care for myself is free, even as my belief is freely vested in you, by my real love equal of all. That is my fairy dust and I distribute it to your own senses, onto how you yourself have gotten to be someone, regarding concern.

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