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Invariant Universal Variation

Every dimension to a dimensionality has a unique designation of conceptual alignment for the variation of possibilities to express themselves by forces. In reality that means that everything that can happen on a plane, does happen on that plane, right now. Due to the local variance of interdimensional fluctuation between different generations of the phenomena on each plane, this statement is both true and untrue. We live in spheres of that, by realms of collective notions.

It has begun

What will however be evident from it, is that the locality of any linearly tied event will be positioned in a designated sense of the forces, compound between their instances in the style of dimensional essence, as their innate differences. I strongly recommend getting a closer look at the Essence of Dimensionality as declared in the Contextual Cheat Sheet, posted on the Unity with God page on this Heartart site, to get a clearer image of its implications. Through my materials I will not delve into the essences, but merely remain overarching the bridging of substance into the common grounds that they indicate exist. Anything is possible and the particularities of each area I leave to its experts. Context is my providence and common ground is my expertise.

I have accepted

Every possibility is not only true - they are real. What ties them together in expressions of phenomena is divine presence. This is what we are by living and it is expansive onto the captivation of essence in focus. The expansion is granted by Allah onto me. If you are interested in what this entails, you should thoroughly read through every single one of my blog posts, until it is found encompassed in complete lucidity of every word. Perhaps even the rest of the material on this site, as it may very well help in that process. You will find, in opposition to the hardships we might deduce from it, that it is not about myself at all. That I merely found myself utterly responsible to be. I simply never found myself beginning, to never end caring and it amounts to God.

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