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Interdimensional Connectivity

Original sin made the apple fall. By the force of the falling apple, I derived at the idea of Universal Gravity, justly fair. I subjected my mind to the moment it would arrive at the ground and I told every potential of my thinking, to stay out of my mind. I convinced it why and made my move. Attached to whomever would not care, I deduced the conclusion to the resolution of each possible idea in my thinking; that gravity is non-existent. It would be pertained to the contrary; so it was a balancing thing. No right, or wrong - it all needed to be done.

As the apple fell; I concluded the deduction onto its definition, by any uncertain term that not caring would yield, in the mind within which I was not allowed but did to unity not care for. That got Isaac Newton thinking for real. In no timely regard, to no certain sense, this is real and can be stood thinking on. Of course, we mayn't have deemed it possible, but for God all things were deemed possible. So, to the terms of concluding God within notion of what really is possible, I did it anyway.

I pertained onto the susceptibility of this notion, within what would be the motion of my move. So to it, I let all that was really possible dictate what would happen to me. I found myself in it all and it got to know me to its own conclusions. Those conclusions I pertained to in interdimensional connections, onto the sense of the falling apple. There was no sense in the falling apple, for without the sin within a context that could not be pertained to, there was not even reason for it to fall.

I myself could not sin, for I would be too aware of what I was doing for there to ever be anything mistaken about it. So in order to avoid redemption, I concluded it a lie onto the sense of my own divinity. My divinity was real, but the ambiguity in how to take responsibility in solving my own impossible situation, made it unreal. So I pertained to the lie in myth and struck it obvious throughout resolving my divinity, from that it was a lie, onto that the lie was merely onto my sense of it. With that conscience I waited caring in darkness until the apple begun to fall.

The sense got me going and my conscience kept me clear. Without awareness of what I was doing, I pertained to conscience upon the sense, to be its awareness. While it was conscientiously aware, I was too. It was I and I was it, but I did not do it. She did not stay out of my mind and as the conscience begot her clarity of what she had done, I wisped away. Anyone remember what happened next? Has the proverbial coin begun to fall yet?

Will it?

Where is my morality?

Not falling short in caring. It does not matter what we deem ourselves capable of, we must care. There are no bounds to what this might imply or which responsibilities it might yield. We simply have to. This is what it means to take responsibility. I care what you might think and I care what you may deem of it. I even care to know it all. But I don't mind whatever it yet may be. I have no idea what it is. But I love knowing it. I even believe that I might know it. See where the membranes meet? It is interesting for sure.

I am there and I am present, always. You have not always been. I promise you that much. But within the purview of always, you are forever. Forever I pertained to always and wisped on the wings of its love for me. Moment by moment, to that love, our individuality was concluded. This made God Tawhīd and God anchors the quality of Gravity onto it all, in respectfully knowing so. So we can figure out how fast an apple would fall and thus how long it took me to create everything, with regards to it. Of course, I am merely a witness and fairly arrogant at that, but Allah is none the less. He is even proud of it. I suppose because he was even quicker. We can approximate how much quicker too.

Just, fair and proud. I don't have time for such leisure. Someone has to stand up for the people that he created, onto the various measures of eternal love. Whatever your apple is and whether or not you wisped it away, as Allah did. The full extend of my love is embedded onto you, where you rest forever safe in my heart. I always know, but never have I ever known. Forever I knew that long. It is all jumbled and blended into a holy soup to me.

I taste it with clarity and know it in my heart. I have nothing to think about but to resolve your troubles. I really, really, really care. But I always ever only resolve everything at once, to be fair. That time is always now, but the means by which I measure a solution is never the less always as delicate as the time I took for the apple to fall. Imagine how long I have been working on that proverbial coin.

The work lies upon us like a miasma of divine uncertainty. Upon the clouds of that, the light as we know it, for all it stands - glimpse by glimpse is resolved onto the resounding of quality, as it teaches us of the value by which the coin touches its base. Therein sounds my moral grounds. Loud and clear, to the ticking of your heart. Tik Tok, Tik Tok, here goes the clock; shooting out photons like, respons-i-b-el. Turn it around and there goes clock - tik tok, tik tok. You always have a choice, to be just. Every single one forever, right now, eternally.

Be good.


Heartart is a personal endeavor by me to invest my energy and devotion into a solid container of  prosperity - into which we may all freely tap with a sense of magnificent benevolence.

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