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Hyper Light

Brace yourselves. We are going surreal. To get an idea of how the surreal pertains to our senses, the post Relative Celeritas should provide a conceptual basis for a scientific providence in the foundation of it.

Religious Space

As with all essence, space too has three generations of manifestation to its phenomena. The first generation hosts dynamic space, the second is hosting religious space and the third hosts holy space. It might sound way out there, but as a matter of fact it is quite the contrary. The latter generations of space are as opposed to its dynamic counterpart, tied closer to the innate sense of soul than what is mundanely accustomed to us. So it is in there, rather than out there.

The second generation of space is awe-inspiring, because it ties into the ambiguity between outside and inside and is as such religiously bound to the experience of it. This is universal, whichever dimensionality we yet perceive it of. As with the Light of the World, God's Light - the Hyper Light - is also infinitely incrementally bound to time by infinitesimal units of celeritas. The speed of light in this sense is infinite, but always pertained to a locality by the relativity of celeritas. One such infinite sense is a single iota.

Time at the sense of iota is a jot of a moment, for all within any given moment is encapsulated to the sense within it. As we move to the celeritas of multiple iota, we have entered hyper-space. With each iota of celerity, we travel an equal length of distance in Planck units outside of time. As opposed to relative celeritas, these units to traverse are fixed. Since any space beyond the space we are in is purely potential and this is about between here and beyond, the whole experience is religious. This does not however make it unreal by even a single stand. It is surreal.

Manifestations of second generational Phenomena

There is a real system to this. It is founded on the simple fact that nothing beyond the living ever cares and that reality therefore is made to serve it as that matters. As we believe religion for the sake of religion, rather than that of some ultimate truth above all else, we are bound to manifest phenomena in the second light. The second light is so obviously beyond the sense of time, so we will not speak of measuring its speed relatively, but only fixed to the notion of what time could be. Every religion holds a real and sacred purpose in the eyes of God. Although by no means required to the fulfillment of God, they are all sacred in the service of us all. Everyone has a naturally belonging religion formed onto its completion, by the dignity of who we really are.

Although scientism is not a scientifically recognized religion, this is the regard by which we have found muo-matter. Science alone can not however manifest the relevant stability of this substance to make a life by it. This is because it belongs to religious space. It responds to faith plainly, because there is something real underlying everything we could ever possibly believe. Every dogma presents another nature in the observation of reality and to the common acceptance of the concept of religion plainly a set complication onto the core of spirituality, such as science does - we may by religious dogma gain onset onto the purtenance of essence in religious space to an exoteric footing. It will be seen in the second light, already present; the hyper light - also the Light of God. Divine presence such as dark energy and its manifestations, such as dark matter, are constituents of its ratio between generations of phenomena already.

So long as we keep insisting on religion as something ultimate, these phenomena will simply be crushed under the weight of what is really ultimate and it will not see the light of day beyond. It is all already here, we simply have to open our eyes to it. Scientism is not the ultimate religion either and make no mistake; it is a religion. Atheistic to be sure, but religiously non the less. It as well as any other religion is founded on the principles of dogma. They just happen to be observation. The assumption there is thus that observation somehow precedes the notion of reality and therefore simply just finalizes a Godless religion. This is not the ultimate nature of reality either, but merely the nature of observation to the exclusion of knowing God inside.

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