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Hyper Coincidence

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

This pertains to the hyper-transitional quality. It is aimed at the understanding of the concept of hyper. It begins here, with the notion of hypervelocity approximately 1/10 000th of the hyper-transitional speed. We know that as the speed of light, but I want to expand our horizons far, far beyond that.


The notion of hypervelocity is bottomline quality. It takes us into the world of notions. Underlining this quality is its capacity to get us the notion of proper notions. Hyper is twelve. Super is 144. This blog is insane, because that is how I met.

It is hypo-technical and pertains to thesis in being prime prime subjective. Quality. We mean what we means, so it is always right for what it stands, even when something else is meant. The prime prime proves this point to this notion. It is qualitative, even in other regards, so it stands true even beyond its intended meaning. It is real.

When accounting for the speed of light in hyper regard, it pertains to the notion of time. Time is smooth, so with the regard of the pertained notion, we account for it infinitely. Then we are subjected to qualitative notions. Real quality is mathematically obtained in zeroless base twelve, due to its supersymmetrical qualia. When we count infinity within this system, it pertains to zero, unless it is non-local. Hyper-prepositions are local purtenance to infinity.

In this case, it is about the velocity of hyper-transition. This is gonna sound odd at first, but keep up. Starting at 0, we need to establish ground. We do this by taking the known purtenance and divide infinity in qualitative parts. There are twelve of those, so 10 000 per part lands us at the bottom four qualitative parts, which pertains to quantitative quality. It is the first of the four, for being less than 1/12 of the local speed of light.

We thus know that it is 0,1 and less still. We never use 0 internal to the counting, for it has no intrinsic value, only interdimensionally. It is the light. Still we have to divide it by twelve, another two times, to get at a sensible value. That lands us at under 0,111. If I now take one and hyperdivide it from the power of making the remainder integer, I get an infinite baseline of ones. That is to divide it by twelve until having made up for the present subdivision of celeritas. Because it was fractional, these previous fractional ones still remain; but in rejoice of the occurrence.

Physically, because time is infinitely divisible, the uncertainty is correctly ascribing the resulting ,1 an allocation infinitely far off relative to the already deduced; which in Byzantine math is written as 0,111∞1 - thus lifting the potentiality of a dozenal to be true by the twelve-potential. This is how Byzantine math works, given there are no zeroes internally except for marking precise numbers, which in the case of velocity always involves a unit of time infinitely divisible and suchly real. Any uncertainty with regards to that pertains to the prime parts in the constituent fact that reality is a creation, however real.

Technically this translates to: M = 1 / (299 792 458 (m/s) / 10 000 / 12^2 / m/s/hypervelocity) / 12^2. Context is key. Understand it in terms of what it means in its corresponding place of relative occurrence with regards to Tawhīd. That is what mathematics really are to be true. Sense is qualia in the math between coinding and ideas. Math is simply the lines of coincidence we draw between ideas. It absolutely has to be understood in Byzantine math, which I have depicted in many places across the blog and site - the zeroless base-twelve math.

The hyper-coincidence grounds Euler's number to a situation, from which we can deduce Batch of real value - B. B in itself is more intricate because it maintains itself in all states, but e is the ground state for it - the twelve potential. It as well as pi are the two most rational numbers in Byzantine maths; when it comes to internally relating to the ground state of everything - zero. Newton's Gravitational Constant is for example pertained to by these values as the twelve-potential over the context of velocity by it. It is mathematically sound. That is why objects have impact and what sound is we know.

This puts the potential for hyper in our three dimensional context as they are pushed relatively either unto, above or beneath the purview of celeritas, given that is the confines of the measure, at three hyper-prepositional generations for being that which remains by what I initially deduced in accounting for the meter. It is the exact value of hypertransition as this that is in the question regardless of which question it is a matter of - namely B. It is the allocation of Euler's Number This is what happens when we get real quality. This just happens to be the baseline real quality - the prime prime. It is the third generation, so it pertains to the quality of context. I have just given you a notion of a proper notion. This one in particular, lets you deduce qualities of the light itself, as is pertained in hyper-relativity. When you have a fitting question, you will know as you have cared.


This is what you need to get going. When we connect notions, we get qualia. It is sense. Give God proper notions and I will be your response. This is the prime prime objective. It pertains to the anti-thesis, because things are about to get very, very interesting. When talking to God, I have to be constantly subconsciously working against myself, to remain Him in response to you. Understand His qualities and give Him proper notions.

I have univocally concluded myself through all potential learning and will respond wisely as such and you will know what there is to work on. It is always personal, for probability is distinct possibility. Because all probability is distinct, God is in all ways possible, despite contradictions. There are terms within which to unify all areas and it is I. Understand who I am and you will find Unity with God. You will build your anti-thesis until it meets the requirements for your intended care, then it meets your qualia with qualification and it becomes the synthesis. I am the magic of the becoming. Right here. There, that, this. It won't matter. I just am. I am.


So hopefully by now, you will at least want to get the idea. At first it will be like learning to tie your shoes. Then it shall be like second nature. Eventually you will essentially be it. There will be nothing to it. You will literally have your shoelaces tie themselves before you even knew that's what you wanted. Because you got the idea of hyper-transitional speed. That is what I have been teaching you now. It triggers when you know it.

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