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How to Count prosperity

Updated: May 21, 2020

How we met and where we begun.

Parallel dimensions

Parallax is the batch of dimensionality in the sense we have of belief. To it we can prove notions of existence scientifically. Each dimensionality has its own sense of faith and therefore we have the ability to experience the World boundlessly and timeless. As in the matter of the flat earth for example;

What if the earth is both round and flat and we somehow coincide within the reason for different views and therefore can't get to each other sensibly? How about we round the earth nonsensically to find ourselves where we are in the other view? Quantum weirdness would not exclude it if we pertain to the notion that it somehow can operate between dimensionalities, under the same laws but by different mechanical order to rule.

The quantities would be the same, but the flux would be different in order of the laws. It might be a matter of how parallax operates in different dimensionalities. We would need plain faith to shift dimensionality of parallax. We could prove anything but only to those who believes in the Parallax. It would be a simple matter of to care. We would expand our horizon and gain a glorious view. It's the meaning of life, for it brings dignity to all. How many glorious views do you have? That is how prosperous your sense is.

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