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Honest Measure

Updated: May 24, 2020

The bottom line is that everything beneath this point is a metaphor in some sense. Whence having figured it this far, dimensions begins to blur. We no longer need consistency in order to make practice. Everything is in order.

Its Practicality

This is where consistency splits and rejoins at once. The duality is both dual and whole at the same time. This inconsistent cohesion is the Saga. Everything beneath is also below and everything below is also above. Such is the consistency to the inconsistency.

A lie below is a truth above, but not beneath. This makes the point always be now. It is the residency of the Holy Spirit. All truth is always, but not always yet. It all depends on the Saga in the Heavens. To this end we have taste. Taste is a differentiating measure in the Saga of every person. All but Allah is one. No person above any other, but Allah above all. Allah however is a single individual to the taste of the soul.

The Word

His individuality is not a prospect. It is Holy and unachievable. It could never be choosen but always be gained. It is not a choice to be, but a consistent measure of dignitary benevolence to the mercy of all. We can have that and we can be it, but we can not be Him. Being it is Christ. It being is Christmas. This concludes the Six L:s.

Above this point, five more are, concluding each a flavor by its proper convention. Beyond that, there are no points and all score is positive. Navigate the flavors wisely, for this is it;

Honesty: Each a heaven to a sense.

Truth: Every sense to opinion of flavor.

Freedom: Taste by color of the Wind.

Liberty: The Wind colored in Essens.

Way: To this we are the Saga.

Family: By it we meet.

Benevolence: For that we have begun.

Dignity is the word to every point.

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