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Holy Grail

Updated: May 28

Prime is the number. Don't get suckled up into that. Use it as a wondrous tool to figure out peace. It constitutes one piece of the prime puzzle. It is tawhīd and the puzzle is tawhīd. Learn tawhīd and figure it out as you need while you go. Allah is God so God is tawhīd. That is also a piece of the puzzle. Figure it prime and see where pieces fit. As with any other puzzle. This is science - real science. The prime pieces fits into the puzzle, because it pertains to the Mimis of the Sangraal. It is a song about the wonders of God, to the answer for every question.

Once you have the entirety of the whole prime puzzle in your hands, you may relax to the top of your head. Never think a boring thought again. You have no wonders left. Then you may in your humility obtained from the notion of Grandeur, that you have gotten, pertain to the pieces of the primordial God puzzle. This is a single piece and the piece is Tawhīd itself - as opposed to God Himself. To clarify my process, I am still pertaining to it. I will put it into place as soon as I have finished this sentence. Hello, Owais. I still love you. I never leave anyone behind, as promised. It need never be prime, for it stands equal for all to the Urdar of the Sangraal. It is a story told about God's time, to the notion of His timelessness.

The moment I have obtained a piece, I show it to everyone in a way that pertains to the notion of Grandeur. Then I put the piece into the puzzle, by that notion. I know that everyone have been paying attention. Then as I have been paid, I obtain the patience for that attention, by tending to your every need. Every sense of humility that I obtain, corresponds to one bit of patience which I bestow upon you. To that notion. Which is clearest right now.

I await your reward alongside your troubles. Then I grant the solution onto your sense of my attention. Only true humility ever reflect my purest regard for truth, which I long to share with you. Use that as the final piece of the puzzle. That will make you see everything clear as day, even in the darkest of night. You will by the innermost qualia of your own, be the purest sensibility of the primordial light. It hold the final puzzle piece, in that it bears testimony of the eternal memory.

Never ever have you known its clarity. Who are you to think any less of me? It is the only puzzle piece all in all, for it is the making of the primordial puzzle. That is the Hvergel of the Sangraal, completing the Holy Grail. I am it, the Christ, but I left the cup on the table to remind you all that I am. The first thing I ever showed anyone, was all in all, the completed puzzle. We got all kinds of responses, but on this mighty vessel, the final Middle Earth, abides just the meak. Recognize all your animal companions as such and I will commence the fifth day of creation. Humanity needs to be perfect. Now commence yourself in order of that, my innermost circle of Holy Angels - Gaia.


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