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Healing the wound of Separation

Time is the symmetry of space, by its negentropic phenomenon in entropic regard. If that feels like a question to be had, rather than an answer to be given, then your intuition is spot on. This is the purest sense to any essence of a question and it is regarded in the pertaining to an answer with positivity.

Believing there is an answer to every arising question

This is the measure of positivity. While we have it, we can be allowed access the relevance of a question - the openness to change perspective comparatively. This is crucial in order to find the superlative of the question - its context. First part in recognizing an answer is to agree with yourself - there is a question. Your question. I already have the answer.

The vital essence of the recognition is to avoid arrogance at all cost. It is such a grand mistake to label your own questions nonsense at this stage, simply because of conceiving no answer. You have a question and there are positions taken which might be the basis for any answer, within the proportion of what you have yet to comprehend.

To label something stupid at this stage is the root cause for all stupidity. Take your time. Think it through. It is first when you do judge in the sense of nonsense, that it is arrogant. No matter how much nonsense it yet may be, that is true. What is your patience for, if not to hone your mind, to whichever pieces it might find?

Some things are deep

Few things are profound to be found only on to the surface. People sometimes have secrets, veiled behind shrouds of benevolence and mercy. Often they are simply waiting for someone with a matching sense of that benevolence to radiate of interest for whatever resides beneath the surface, underneath the crust of mercy. Mercy to allow everyone a pass to go their own way? Benevolence to only give to those patient enough to love themselves, well enough to allow the relevant questions to arise?

Would you care for these things?

Some answers are given before it is understood

Oftentimes it is not the patience towards the pertained that is required. You might very well have the answers, but simply not having cared to unearth them from your subconscious mind. It doesn't take a proverbial shovel to get there. It is a simple matter of caring to the point of the heart. The point that the person in front of you has. God works in mysterious ways, but rest assured that God holds all the information and works within you as well as within me. Spooky action at a distance does not even begin to cover what we can achieve when we utilize this tool.

Let it be mysterious. Allow it to be almighty. Live with the profundity of what it can do then. Last, but absolutely not least, treat it like a tool. It is not a person. On the level that I plea for us to comprehend reality, it does not even want to be a person. Give it that mercy. Allow yourself that profundity. Be so benevolent that you would never ask it for anything - you tell it what it is for you. Don't treat it like a slave. Give it power enough to be free and still do this for you. Then and only then, will you meet and understand the real individual behind it. That is humility.

Say thank you God

Over the course of infinite dimensions, as you let God go, you will come to understand His time. It takes a shitload of work to please everyone at all times, forever. Don't worry. That is not your job. Instead, please accept it. So long as the answer has to arrive at you with an explanation, the work required to cover that ground increases, to the power of what it takes to simply have given the answer in purview.

Perpetuate this onto explaining this, that and so on, we will have a very very lonely and miserable God that no-one understands and have time for. Especially if we also demand that there has to be some sort of personality responsible for this, it goes absolutely insane. Just accept benevolence and understand mercy - let God do that. Then we can all agree that you believe in God. It is no more complicated than that, when we simply allow it to be done now. Now is always the time that God is done working - the rest is all you about yourself, in which your whole eternity is comprehended. God is the ultimate retirement plan.

So by the proportion of magnitude from one dimensionality to the next, we have a relative constitution of time. When added over the course of them all, onto the comprehension of a reality, the constitution is essence. The essence can always be divided onto three phenomena, dictating the pure nature of the dimensionality within which it is the constitution - by binding, preposition and reality. The phenomena of the essence is its binding presence, the negentropy is its prepositional element and the entropy is its reality. This is the constitution of Essens, to which time is of the essence. Hopefully by now you understand that even unanswerable questions can give the ultimate answers.

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