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Growing beyond vibration

Potential is absolute. It runs through us all. It means nothing but we may mean anything by it. Belief is the roof to which we suppress our potential. Believing it absolute activates the synergies in which we cooperate spiritually. We can learn a lot by observing the stuff of which belief encapsulates in believing it so. Science endures even spirit.

The height of the roof is a number which I call iota. Within its quanta we define reality. It defines the tools at our disposal. The definition is made to stand the test of time. As we jot down reality, we find each other within the context of these jots. The batch of what we believe gives us a relation to each other as we don't discriminate between each other's ideas. The concepts becomes anonymous.

In acknowledging each other by anonymous concepts, we gain purview within which we are free. We conclude it in love. Then we can recognize each other for what we are. No-one beyond it is responsible. Unless given absolute freedom, we cannot be held responsible. Only with love can we see where the points of response aligns. Love may be blind, but with it we are not. Only without it are we confined to being only it.

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