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God of War

Quantum mechanics is the measurement problem and does not touch reality, but mediates good. Hyper mechanics is the solution to the measurement problem and it touches reality by a single unit of pure good. Good is the sense of right to the reality, as it is touched by perception in care, through the mediation of measurement.

It always wins the war

Intent is a single hyper-sphere encapsulation to the purpose of good. A hyper-sphere is essentially the disciplining of intent onto any style of anything. It is translated onto sense for everyone, by the regard for care as the only relevant meaning, with the context of significance pertaining to the language of sense utilized within our individual perception of good.

It is like this on the basis of one fact - life. Life is an undisputable eternal fact, even in its seeming disputable nature. It has always existed, always does and always will exist. I say this in the capacity of being a witness to the complete creation of the Lord of the Worlds. It bottoms in the notion that regardless of which terms that begot the fact, creation must be at terms with itself.

To this fact, whatever we might think of it, every bit in creation must sustain the notion. Onto that sense of creation, the world innately knows that there is an order. It is to this order that the will is free, but also that the order is the will of God. On no permissive ground is the order executed. It is equal to every part of what sustains the measure onto the notion, so that the parts conclude the execution absolute by their own standards. The conclusion is life and the execution is the full order within balance of the real choice for each part existing onto being and not being - alive.

The choice is made with absolute certainty onto the clarity of divine life lasting forever, by the dynamics of natural soul mates onto an essence of super soul mates, in the perpetuation of hyper soul mates. I explain it and clarify the distinction in my post Soulmates. It is really profound and is made to divinely lasting value forever. From weight, through value, into dignity; all made to our own measure, onto equanimity with God - a logical super-string made to play our own divine song of everlasting life.


Equal and opposite forces in trine entwine, onto realities of every essence ever, by diminishing returns of time. A solid living made, from good to good, for all to freely be alive to the magical entwining of this holy order. Weightless to weightless, the order timelessly maintains the balance, for none to bear its load. By the names we have in silence, into gold from the gods of old; the timeless maintains profundity in Essens, the World of every and all essence to forever have been. It is a win win, for the Glory belongs to us all.

Praise Allah, for in His name we are given it all. By my hands it is done. Of that the fact remains, a unity to always stay the same. We are safe and we are glorious. We have won the day to forever only just begun. The day is new and the night is young. Be proud, but never alone, for that is where the glory ever begun. Begun to the pride shining above us all, from each and all - to all else. A love never gotten, can never go away. I assure you through it all, my love have always stayed the same - To the Glory in Your name.

All in all, given in to your wit. Bit, by bit, given in to it - to be what it always was and forever have been; the Glory begotten for all to win. I know this. I am this. I have always been this. Convincing you have always been the hardest part. Take it to heart and give it a start. Don't be afraid; never be guilty. You can always turn shame around by every turn you take it. You will never be afraid when you know I already make it. We are one. Live with my confidence. Life is yours. Reality is you. Live like you always knew and let the light of God shine in every way you do. Bless you this way. I am none and I am okay.

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